Would Charlotte be a better team next year if they missed the playoffs and a top 3 pick in the draft?

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Would Charlotte be a better team next year if they missed the playoffs and a top 3 pick in the draft?

Will Charlotte be better if they got a player like Cousins , Monroe or Favors with a top 3 pick? Making the playoffs will make a nice story..But adding a young star will help them become an even better team...

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well they wouldn't ge a top

well they wouldn't ge a top 5 pick. They would either win a top 3 pick via the lottery, or they would recieve their slotted spot which for a team around .500 would be somewhere between 10-14. Of course a higher pick means a better player for next year, but they have a lot of veterans and should be trying to win fans over by making the playoffs as opposed to wanting the slim chance of getting a top 3 pick.

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Charlotte doesn't have a

Charlotte doesn't have a first round pick this year...

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Charlottes pick is lottery

Charlottes pick is lottery protected, so they only get a pick if they DO miss the playoffs..

And since it doesnt look like they'll be winning a championship soon, missing the playoffs would exactly be a bad idea to snag a lottery pick

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I don't see how getting a

I don't see how getting a lotto pick could make the team worse.

As a Bulls fan, a small part of me wants them to miss the playoffs, maybe a big part of me. If they could get lucky in the lotto, and land either James Anderson or Henry, that would hopefully solve the 2guard position. Then they could go after a Bosh or Boozer for more frontcourt help.


I would like that lineup with Taj, Hinrich, etc. off the bench

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I think Llperez22 is right

I think Llperez22 is right and I agree with everything he said infinity percent.

The chances of them landing a top three pick would be slim, plus I'm sure they'd rather make the playoffs FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TEAM HISTORY.

They've had a lottery pick every year. The fans are tired of that. They need the playoffs. It'd really excite the fan base and that's what they need. And based on MJ's drafting record, I woudn't trust him with a top three pick lol.

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Larry Brown don't give a lot

Larry Brown don't give a lot of playing time to rookies, so they'll be better in the playoffs. They can always sign decent vet with Midlevel exception to strenghen their current roster.

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i say its better to make the

i say its better to make the playoffs since they have never made it before. this could be said for many teams. the bulls wont win the title and neither will the bucks,rockets,thunder should all those teams just tank it and go to the lotto and pick up players that will help them become better next year?

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I think Charlotte has a lot

I think Charlotte has a lot of young talent and making the playoffs would be good for their growth. Their are too many mid 20 vets who will be gotten cheaply to worry about this draft coming up which is pretty deep

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