My Oh My!!! That Jason Kidd for Devin Harris deal doesnt look so 1 sided now...

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My Oh My!!! That Jason Kidd for Devin Harris deal doesnt look so 1 sided now...

I'm not going to say much on this right now..Becuz Nets fans are grieving right now..And that would be disrespectful becuz nobody should see a loved 1 get killed every nite over & over again..Last year at this time Harris was having a breakout season and became an allstar...And some said Kidd was washed up..Harris had a subpar career at Dallas..But blossomed in New Jersey...Nets fans were yelling THANK U CUBAN After every game...For giving them the young rising star..This season Kidd might be name all 3rd team NBA ..And the Mavericks have a better team than they did when they went to the Finals in 2006...While Harris has been bothered with injuries early on and haven't been able to get on track since then...And the Nets have..well i'm going to give them a moment of silence

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the nets still made the

the nets still made the right move. Kidd is older and they got a young pg for the future. Harris has been struggling with his shot all season, but he still shows the ability to get in the lane and i think if he stays healthy he will come back strong and be closer to the all-star pg he was last year.

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it was never considered one

it was never considered one sided before the trade. i still say the nets got the better end of the dealconsidering harris did make the allstar team the year before last and has more years left. it was a good trade for both sides since harris didnt fit on there team like kidd does. i cant say dallas won untill they win a title and even then i cant because of the age. itsliek when shaq left and the season after when he won in miami people saying the lakers got the raw end ofthe deal

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it was a good deal for both

it was a good deal for both sides but Nets being terrible has more to do with them trading Vince and Anderson to Orlando to open up cap space and Harris being hurt most of this year. One you start losing he is hard to win especially since mostly every team has gotten better. Memphis was suppose to suck. Sacramento was supposed to be the worst team. I mean really Nets look bad because compare to even some of the worse team this year they can't measure up. They have 2 solid guys and one was hurt most of the season. They have a whole bunch of new faces and everyone knows they could be gone because Nets are about next season. They should win at least 9 games though.

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In the first post

RUDEBOY says it isn't one sided and it is right,who is the winner?well why can't it be BOTH ,ppl are always trying to make a winner in such trades while some time both teams got what they want
with that said the Mavs overpaid with those 2 picks

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