Tracy McGrady

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Tracy McGrady

Or as my old middle school principal called him, "Tracy McGregory" who was apparently her favorite player...Anyways, I think Rick Aldeman was taking the right approach with T-Mac.
I mean, he limited his minutes to 8 or less and wanted to bring him along slowly and McGrady never complained of injuries whatsoever. Then he's shipped off to the Knicks and he's put in a situation where he can play as many minutes as possible and he's tried doing that and has twice already complained of knee problems.
I think he wouldn't have been complaining so quickly if he would've just stuck with managing his minutes and increasing them slowly..but I do understand he is trying to revive his career and prove people wrong.
Although pushing yourself doesn't seem so smart considering his injury history.
Just felt like sharing...

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Do you guys think he would

Do you guys think he would have gotten a better contract if he just sat out the season and rehabbed or do what he's doing now, playing decently but letting people know that his knee problems are still there?

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I think there was more going

I think there was more going on in Houston then what we may know. If you look at Houston's moves. Mcgrady has been the least of their priorities. They had planned of replacing him for a while now and his injuries gave them reasons to do it earlier plus the signing and play of Ariza helped.

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I think Houston had realized

I think Houston had realized that any real chance for a title was gone so they tried to move past the mcgrady era.

fastdan, i don't think he would have gotten any good offers if he didn't play this year. Even though he is having some pain in his knee he has shown he still is a impact player and will be given a few serious looks, especailly from the better teams.

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thething with injuries is

thething with injuries is you aare gonna have to eventually comeback to the court and whatever time you do youre gonna complain of hurting and pain because you cant simulate the actual game. even if he sat out another year he would have had pain because he wouldnt have ever experienced that nba game time experience

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