Rodney Stuckey

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Rodney Stuckey

Best Wishes & Hope everything is Okay.
Apparently a Seizure occured during a Timeout of Tonight's Game against the Cavs.
He was being taken off in a Stretcher...
It was towards the end of the 3rd Quarter

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That was a strange and scary

That was a strange and scary scene man....Hope he's alright

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Hope dude is cool. That didn't look pretty.

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scary thing to see him being

scary thing to see him being taken away on a stretcher. Hope he gets better soon.

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If anyone saw it

What happened? Anything strange? previous signs etc

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They just got word that he

They just got word that he is awake and breathing.......good sign. Get Well dawg

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Yeah, they called a TO

Yeah, they called a TO and...Idk. He just somewhat fell down.
The trainer? held him up before getting a stretcher brought out, right before they showed him. Everything seemed fine.

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I appreciate the fact
I appreciate the fact that after the scary situation, both teams huddled together in the midcourt and pray for Rodney's health... It's a class act for both teams...
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CLEVELAND -- Detroit's Rodney Stuckey was conscious and breathing on his own after he was taken by ambulance to a hospital after collapsing on the Pistons' bench during the team's loss to the Cavs Friday night.

The Pistons said Stuckey's vital signs were stable at the Cleveland Clinic. He will remain there overnight after being transported there for tests.

"He is stable and that is good news," Pistons coach John Kuester said. "I think he is going to be OK."

Stuckey was wheeled off the court on a stretcher after he collapsed and fell unconscious into strength coach Arnie Kander's arms on the bench. Play was halted for 12 minutes as the medical staff worked on him, placing an oxygen mask on his face and wheeling him into an ambulance.

Stuckey walked off the floor for a timeout showing no signs of illness. After a few moments in a chair, though, Stuckey slumped over.

Cleveland players huddled together with their heads bowed, while Pistons teammate Tayshaun Prince sat silent in his chair a few feet away as Stuckey was being treated.

Both teams huddled at midcourt following the game and bowed their heads in prayer. Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry met Kuester as the Pistons left the floor after the game. The two walked to Detroit's locker room with their arms around each other. Kuester spent the last two seasons as an assistant coach in Cleveland.

"He came over and told Arnie he was feeling dizzy," Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva said. "He drank some water and the next thing you know, he passed out. It's very scary. One minute, you think everything is OK, then the next second, it turns around so quick."

Cavs forward LeBron James said he was watching a documentary Thursday on the 20th anniversary of the death of Loyola Marymount star Hank Gathers, who died of a heart attack during a game in 1990.

"That's the first thing I thought of," James said. "I was just hoping, of course, that wasn't the case. I'm happy Rodney's doing OK. I know a lot of guys on that team. I know Ben [Wallace], of course. I've known Rip [Hamilton] and Tay [Prince]."

The players were walking off the floor for a timeout with 2:30 left in the third quarter when Kuester got off the bench to meet them. He was going to say something to Jonas Jerebko when Stuckey stepped in.

"I loved that he took the initiative," Kuester said. "As I was meeting with the coaches, all of a sudden I saw him leaning over with Arnie and before I knew it, he was on the ground."

Stuckey, a second-year guard from Eastern Washington, had eight points and 10 assists before collapsing. He missed two games in 2008 with dizziness. It wasn't immediately known if the incidents were related.

Kuester was shaken by the scene because of his past involvement in similar situations.

"It's not pleasant to talk about," Kuester said. "All that matters is he's going to be OK."

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Scary scene... I remember

Scary scene...

I remember something similar happening in Indianapolis. I don't know if anybody remembers him, but John Stewart was a 7' 2" 275 lb big man who'd committed to Kentucky 1999. He passed out and died during Regionals. He looked a little dizzy and then during a timeout break... He passed out on the bench. Everybody thought he'd be okay, but later he was pronounced dead due to an enlarged heart. He played for Lawrence North.

We had an AAU game at Lawrence North the next morning and it was wierd playing there and seeing all of his pictures, awards, etc hanging up on the walls. Sad story. That's all I could think about while watching Stuckey, so I was anxious to hear that he was okay. I hope he gets well and makes sure he's okay before returning to the court.

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