Can they make the transition to pg at the next level?

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Can they make the transition to pg at the next level?

How many of the undersized shooting guards prospects will actually be able to make the transition to the point in the NBA? I mean players like Elliot Williams, Avery Bradley, Jerome Dyson etc

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I think Bradley has the best

I think Bradley has the best chance out of all of them, Jerome Dyson decision making is horrible, I've watched UCONN alot this year and man he makes some dumb decision's.

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Neither Elliot Williams or

Neither Elliot Williams or Dyson would be asked to see minutes at the PG spot in the NBA.....

If any of them are to try to develop into PG's, Bradley would have the easiest transition more than likely. He's a better decision-maker than both of those guys and shows at least a few flashes of being able to kick out to guys on a consistent basis without turning it over.

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