Darington Hobson vs Wes Johnson and Elias Harris

All three of these forwards are having huge seasons in their first year playing high level D1 ball(wes wasnt a star at Iowa st) and making their teams very successful. But I feel Hobson is not getting the attention Harris and Wes are. For as an eye test Hobson game looks more complete than both of the higher profile guys. All three are older guys than their classification but Hobson reminds me of Paul Peirce (how do you all like that comparison?)
Hobson vs Wes- Both have compelling stories on their way to fame. Wes is a better shooter and athlete but Hobson has his less talented team in the top ten and leads his team in ALL three major stats.
Hobson vs Harris- Many Scouts fell in love with harris early in the year(even though he wasn’t recruited high at all) I really don’t know see how this kid is in the 1st round and Hobson is not. Gonzaga has more talent and harris’s game is not at all as complete as Hobson. In watching Harris the ONLY thing he does well is post up smaller players THAT’S ALL. I don’t see him as a 1st round pick even if he stays for years!

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nothing against hobson but

nothing against hobson but the mountain west is not the big east(although the conference is undeniably getting better)... hobson is good tho, an above average rebounder.. maybe if he can make some noise in the tournament he will be in the same conversation..

i like harris a lot because he actually plays within himself... not necessarily trying to do it all... and i think thats a big problem for some nba players..

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It is never a good thing to

It is never a good thing to compare middling prospects to perennial All-Stars. I think Hobson is a solid college player, but Pierce is one of the most physical 3s in the NBA as well as one of the best shot makers. Not every good college player with less than prototypical athleticism can compare to Paul Pierce, Mike Dunleavy, Steve Nash, or Manu Ginobili.

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Wes Johnson played at Iowa

Wes Johnson played at Iowa State. The Big XII is definitely high-level division 1 basketball.

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He was probably the best

He was probably the best player on Iowa State his frosh year, led the team in boards as well as chipping in 12 ppg...

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I like hopson alot

His isn't below average athletic for NBA, he can pass and handle the ball better than Wes and Harris right now.
I see him coming out nest year not this year. He can rebound well. The one thing he need to work on is his shoot IMO.
He as one more year to play, next year he could play himself into the low lotto

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You obviously haven't seen Elias Harris

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Danny Granger played in the

Danny Granger played in the Mountain West and he's turned out to be a pretty damn good NBA player. I think Hobson has a lot of potential and staying for his senior year would definitely help his cause to be a first round pick.

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I agree, Hobson has alot of

I agree, Hobson has alot of talent. He's got a very smooth offensive game, he's a very good rebounder, and a more than capable defender. It will be interesting to see how he does in the Tournament against better competition. I'm sure he'll do fine. He would recruited by all the big schools if I'm not mistaken.

Comparing him to Paul Pierce may be a bit irrational right now...Paul Pierce is an awefully good player and to compare a 21 year old college player to him is tough. But hey, who knows, he could turn out to be a very good player.

I agree, that Harris is a bit overrated, He is having a nice season at Gonzaga, but lottery good...I jsut dont see it right now. He needs another year or 2 to refine his skills.

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