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Quincey, or anybody else who knows, are Josh Selby, CJ Leslie and, Terrence Ross still considering going to Maryland.

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The prospects....

Selby is down to 4....... Arizona, UConn, Kansas and Kentucky with Kansas in the lead
CJ Leslie still hasn't officially trimmed his list but he is considered to be leaning heavily in favor of Kentucky
Terrence Ross has Maryland on his list of four.....but at the bottom with only mild's a three team race for him between Duke, Kansas and Kentucky......I'm betting he becomes a Jayhawk

Time for them to focus on 2011...... a semi-decent haul in 2010 for the Terps

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I doubt any of those players

I doubt any of those players is going to go to Maryland. Terps already have four signed: Terrell Stoghlin, Mychal Parker, Ashton Pankey and PeShon Howard.

Given that they're expecting to have just four scholarships open, and given that none of their players are particularly "bad" scholarships to players who can't contribute now or in the future, I would be very, very surprised. 

Ross decommitted because he realized he could get better offers, so recommitting would almost be admitting to have failed. 

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i doubt that we get any of

i doubt that we get any of those players. we had the ross kid but he played very well in the summer and figured he could get a better offer so........ i dont blame him though. we have a nice class coming in so its all good and the Mychal Parker is almost as good as ross

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