Enes Kanter

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Enes Kanter

Does anyone have more news on his recruitment since his de-commit from Kentucky? What kind of game does this kid play, is he one that can bang down low and shoot from outside or more of just your traditional big man? Who would be a good comparison for Kanter?

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acording to what i read, he

acording to what i read, he comitted to washington in november to play for the huskies, but has since de comitted and re opened his recruitment process with Washingon, Florida State, Syracuse and Kentucky all in the mix.

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1st of all, he didn't

1st of all, he didn't de-commit from Kentucky. He de-committed from Washington.

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Similar to Paul Milsap with

Similar to Paul Milsap with Okur's jumpshot

I believe he should commit to Syracuse because he would be a star here but I see him going to Kentucky as Calipari's sleeper player he brings in every year

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