Who's laughing now?

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Who's laughing now?

I always get a lot of slack on this website. One tim when I got the most slack was when I said if Tyrus Thomas gets burn he would be a good player. since he's came to the bobcats and got consistent playing time, he's playing great.

since coming over in 7 games he's averaging

13.6 points, 8.1 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 1.1 steals in 27 minutes a game. It seems like he's playing great to me. I have no idea why the Chicago coaches were idiots but whatever, someone is going to get a good player next year.

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I am.... I am laughing at

I am.... I am laughing at you right now. You said he has been playing great.. He doesnt even start on that team. Diaw is his competition.. I dont think 13, 8, and a few blocks is great.. Great to me is all-star numbers.. He is a good player but not great so... HaHaHaHa..

Nah, Im just kidding.. He is playing pretty good.

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Just wait. Tyrus played

Just wait. Tyrus played great in 7 game spurts for the Bulls before. You just have to wait and see with him. I saw he picked up a technical today but not sure what it was all about. The guy was a headcase here for 4 years.

I hope he does well for the Bobcats but Taj is doing just fine in his place and comes a lot cheaper and with less drama.

Good riddance Tyrus!!

I will wait for Heels reply to this.

Taj---13pts 10.6reb 1.8blk .60% FG 29min. since the trade

No big difference there

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now that tyrus thomas

now that tyrus thomas is playing 4 the BOBCATS! i have them 2 win the eastern conference championship this year..the guy brings defense and defense wins championships..

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this would have been a good

the reason why hes playing well is because larry brown is teaching him well.. i think mj has an idea of what hes doing there

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i dont think chi is really

i dont think chi is really crying when taj is putting up similar numbers

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Tyrus Thomas is an athlete,

Tyrus Thomas is an athlete, not a basketball player. If he had skill, he would be amazing but he doesn't so he is a guy who is going to get you some boards, a few fast break buckets, and then make a couple of defensive plays...if he feels like it.

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Dingo21.....You think the

Dingo21.....You think the Bobcats can win the East?? What are you??? Not who are, WHAT are you lol

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im laughing

Some things that will never change about tyrus no matter where he plays: His positioning is terrible on both offense and defense, he turns the ball over way to much, takes awful shots and commits fouls that have you asking yourself 'what are you doing tyrus'? I'll give larry borwn a tiny bit of credit. He firgured out that if you play him more than about 22 minutes a night your team is going to lose. The month before tyrus arrrived the Bobcats were playing well, 9-4. Since tyrus arrived the Bobcats are 2-5. Tyrus still thinks he is better than he is. If he makes the first two shots he takes in a game, I guarantee the next 5 shots he takes will be terrible. His turnovers have gone up since the trade too. He will never reach his potential and will be forever known, at least in chicago, as the Bum Slayer.

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Larry Brown will teach him

Larry Brown will teach him and Bobcats do have a similiar player that may not be as athletic but is pretty athletic in Gerald Wallace. Gerald Wallace took like 6 years before he became a solid and consistent player. Thomas will be alright but Chicago could not afford to wait on him or deal with his personality. Bobcats have several personalities like that so they should be fine. Brown and MJ dont play that mess. MJ looks like he is finally taking good advice and not making totally terrible trades. Drafting Henderson is not looking all that great right now though. He needs to choose for talent and not just take guys from top 25 teams that may not translate over to the NBA. I am not saying i am giving up on Henderson. It is still early but you have guys that are already ready the went after him that the Cats could have used. Also Henderson was supposed to be a guy that came in ready to play not a potential guy.

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wallace came out of hs

wallace came out of hs though.. i think he was 2 or 3 years younger then tyrus when he cam in. tyrus was a redshirt freshman before he came out. plus wallace was stuck on the bench behind some very good players before he was given a chance

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Gerald wallace came out of college after 1 year just like tyrus..well tyrus had one year of playing, but 2 years of college.

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first, i think dingo was

first, i think dingo was kidding, just sayin lol, if hes not, hes an idiot hahaha

second, tyrus is ok, not GREAT
he is a good player, not a great one.

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What about Ed Davis makes

What about Ed Davis makes you guys think he's gonna be any better than Tyrus when he comes to the league. If anything he'll be worse since he's not the same caliber athlete as Tyrus is. He has almost no skills and scores in college the same way Tyrus did. On athleticism, garbage put backs, dump offs from guards, and shots no further than 10 ft from the rim. Ed should really stay in school and work on his game so that he doesn't become a Tyrus. First would be developing some sort of consistent midrange jumper that could help in the pick and pop game, and ball handling, cuz he certainly has a speed advantage against most other bigs. He should exhaust the remainder of his eligibility while he continues to be the #1 option and can continue working on his game in a prime role. As opposed to being the 10-12th option on an nba roster getting minimal to no minutes.

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Eddie Davis has better shot-selection. Shot-selection is one of T-Time's worst qualities.

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