Jason Kidd

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Jason Kidd

Best rapper in the NBA! LOL!
The link is to Jason Kidd rapping in 1994

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He's pretty much my favorite

He's pretty much my favorite PG of all time, that just increased his stock even more. Rofl

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The link's not coming up for

The link's not coming up for me but I'm pretty sure this is from a cd that came out in '94. It was called "hip Hop and Hoops" or something like that. It was a handful of NBA players rapping, or at least trying to. Don't remember who all was on it but I know it had JR Rider, Dana Barros, Kidd, I think Ced Ceballos, and a few others. Didn't listen to the whole cd but remember it was pretty bad.

EDIT: The name of the album was "B-balls best kept secret"

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Rap battle...J-Kidd v. White

Rap battle...J-Kidd v. White Chocolate.

Who ya got?

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OMG!!! athletes should not

OMG!!! athletes should not try to rap. listening to ish like this causing erectile dysfunction!!!

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