Who is really going to play for the Knicks???

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Who is really going to play for the Knicks???

I feel like the Knicks are not going to any big free agents.. Im sry Knicks fans but thats how I feel. Go ahead and take my points... Anyway.. Who is really going to play for the Knicks next year??

I know they have 4 players under contract for next year..
Wilson Chandler
Danilo Gallinari
Eddy Curry
Toney Douglas

Say they dont buy out Curry and they dont get a big time FA.. What does a realistic top 12 look like for this team?? Probably the best they can do without a big name..

I say...

Sergio Rodriguez - D'Antoni loves foreign players and I just see him resigning this guy if he does anything productive..

Tracy McGrady - They will get him to resign before a big FA to try to convince them to come play with T-Mac.. He doesnt know it but he is going to be stuck there..

JJ Reddick - This kid is made to play with D'Antoni...

Brad Miller - Range, size, and he is old not looking for much money...

Raymond Felton - Quick shooter with good size...

Steve Novak - Shooting big man who needs a change of scenery

Joe Alexander - A super athlete that was compared to Sean Marion early on.

David Lee - If they were smart, this is the guy they would fight to keep..

Line up looks like:

PG: Raymond Felton/Sergo/Douglas
SG: Tracy McGrady/Reddick/Douglas/Felton/Chandler
SF: Danilo Gallinari/Chandler/Alexander
PF: Wilson Chandler/Alexander/Gallinari/Novak
C: David Lee/Miller/Novak/Curry

They would be okay and D'Antoni would probably get something out of them.. IDK but thats probably not what people want to see in NY..

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The Knicks have a lot going

The Knicks have a lot going for them right now, even though they've been bad for about a decade and are bad this season.

1. Rich History - We're not talking about the Clippers here. The Knicks have a winning history.
2. Big Market - New York is New York and Madison Square Garden is one of, if not THE most, famous arena in the game.
3. Money - Depending on the cap, they could have enough to afford two max deal free-agents OR one max deal free-agent and a couple of solid pieces.
4. Walsh - Say what you want about him, but he's focused and will make a great pitch to James and/or Wade, Bosh, Boozer, Johnson, etc. If I was a Knicks fan, I'd feel very comfortable with Walsh's ability to deliver that great pitch to potential free-agents.
5. D'Antoni - Criticize his lack of defense and his short rotation, but the superstars in the league respect him and all want to play for him.

Because of those reasons, I just can't see them ending up empty handed this summer. They'll at least land one big-time free-agent.

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Knicks will get at least one

Knicks will get at least one legit star to come play and I am not considering t Mac as i say this. Also T Mac second year after his knee injury should be better and right now they could probably keep him for cheap. The thing is they need to see about getting a max player and a guy that is only 70 percent max which should allow them to sign a few nice bargain type guys.

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As long as the Knicks don't

As long as the Knicks don't not sign a player past his prime, which seem like the Knicks go to move, then I'm good. They need someone who demands a double team/bonafide scorer, preferable a guard. D Lee need to play the PF, yes he can run the court and hit the 15 footer but on most nights it's a mismatch, the Knicks need a defensive shoot blocked and rebounder at the 5 spot, a Camby type of player. That will not completely fix the D but it would sure help. If the Knicks keep playing this mickey mouse defense then they just need to go uptempo and run more.

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I kind of agree with the

I kind of agree with the first poster, I have a hard time believing anyone spectacular is going to want to go there with better options on the table. Knicks would be wise to sign a bunch of B-Rate players instead of 1 A-Rate and 10 D-Rate. Never know though, it will be an interesting summer and I can't wait. Sometimes I think I enjoy the signings & trades more than the actual game, I have a GM mentality.

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I can see the Knicks getting

I can see the Knicks getting desperate and overpaying for Rudy Gay and then throwing some money at Felton. I think Bosh will partner up with Wade in Miami or LeBron in Cleveland. Wade has two choices between staying or going to the Bulls.

So i don't see the Knicks getting a marque guy.

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Ive said it a hundred times

Ive said it a hundred times.. I hope Lebron stays his arrogant a** in Cleveland. I just want the Knicks to get some guys that want to win, and play their butts off night in and night out. Cause Charles Oakley is turning over in his grave watching this sorry Knicks team play.

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this was a big topic on one

this was a big topic on one of the nba shows. i think coast to coast. they believe they will get someone but they arent as attractive to players as much as some fans think. according to the guys who have talked to the players, the big city thing isnt that big for them because they can just hop on a plane and go there when they want to party. the fact that they are losing alot doesnt sit well with the players either and the biggest thing is none of the big stars want to go there if another big star doesnt go there. they say the players arent that big on playing in the mecca for the team as much as playing against them at the meeca and they dont seem to be as big on the history of it as alot of people though because it was soso long ago when the knicks were real good, in some cases the players were still in elementry school. it sounds liek basically if they can get one superstar then another will come but no one seems to want to be the first in case someone else doesnt come

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