rank the drafts of the past Decade

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rank the drafts of the past Decade

I knew it is pretty early to rank them as the last class are just Rookies but let's try

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My ranking

2003 is the best for sure and it is safe to say 2008 comes next ,2000 on the other hand is probably the worst and i think 2001 come next and eventhough 2006 wasn't bad one it is after them
so i will go with them this way

from 3-7 (half of them) was really close
I am really high on the 2009 draft and I think when it is all said and done it will be 3rd best but until Griffin&Rubio plays I'll go with 2004 who gave us Granger,Jefferson,Iggy,2005 also had DWill&CP3

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I think it's 2003 at the top

I think it's 2003 at the top followed very closely by 2004. 2005 was very good too. That was a great stretch of drafts. Just for kicks I decided to make some rosters out of those drafts to see how they would stack up.

PG Chris Paul/Deron Williams/Raymond Felton
SG Monta Ellis/Rashad McCants
SF Danny Granger/Marvin Williams
PF David Lee/Ronny Turiaf/Charlie Villaneuva
C Andrew Bogut/Andrew Bynum

The best point guards out of the three classes and a good group down low as well. Doesn't have the quality at the top of 2003 or the depth and defensive prowess of 2004, also not the best shooters.

PG Devin Harris/Jameer Nelson
SG Ben Gordon/Kevin Martin
SF Andre Iguodala/Luol Deng/Trevor Ariza
PF Al Jefferson/Josh Smith
C Dwight Howard/Anderson Varejao/Emeka Okafor

A very deep, very effective all-around class. Excellent outside shooters in Gordon,Nelson and Martin. Big and strong in the paint and with very good defenders in Howard, Iguodala, Ariza, Smith and Varejao. Point guard is probably their weakest position but still effective there.

PG Mo Williams/Kirk Hinrich
SG Dwyane Wade/Mickael Pietrus
SF Lebron James/Carmelo Anthony/Josh Howard
PF Chris Bosh/David West/Boris Diaw
C Chris Kaman/Kendrick Perkins

Definitly the cream of the crop. Star power at the top. Four of arguably the 10 best players in the game right now. Good defenders in Wade, Hinrich, Pietrus, Perkins, Howard and Diaw. Not the best point guards but with how stacked the rest of the team is that shouldn't matter. Also not the best outside shooters but with Wade, James, Anthony and Bosh on the team they wont have to settle for many outside jumpers.

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