Awesome Stat

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Awesome Stat

I would be shocked if this wasn't a first, and either way, it's a great figure and a testament to just how strong the 2009 draft's point guard crop really is. Three point guards averaged 20 points per game in February. Not just three rookies, mind you - three rookie POINT GUARDS. They also put up fantastic numbers across the board:

Darren Collison: 21.6 ppg 8.3 apg 1.8 spg
Stephen Curry: 21.5 ppg 7.3 apg 5.3 rpg
Tyreke Evans: 20.1 ppg 7 apg 5.8 rpg

12 pg's were picked in the first round, and seeing how these guys have performed, and with the likes of Lawson and Flynn playing good ball and Ricky Rubio potentially on the way, this could very well go down as the greatest point guard draft in history.

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im quite suprised how well

im quite suprised how well curry has been rebounding..

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And just wait until Teague

And just wait until Teague and Beaubois start playing heavy minutes.

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And don't forget about

And don't forget about Jennings. That 55pt game was a curse for him. The kid may be in a real bad shooting funk but if you actually watch him play you would see how great of a floor leader he is. The thing I like most about him is the fact that he doesn't care what his numbers look like, as long as they win. He has helped that team get in playoff contention.

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Teague and Beaubois are

Teague and Beaubois are beasts. I will have to say based on depth and quality depth this is the best point guard draft ever

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