Big NCAA Tourney News

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Big NCAA Tourney News

Mike Francesa of WFAN New York reports the NCAA is looking to opt out of their contract with CBS, expand the Tournament to 96 teams, give a bye to the top 32 and have the bottom 64 play one round to get to the conventional 64. The NCAA is expect a bidding war for the TV contract spanning over 10 years, and the two principle bidders being ESPN and a CBS-Turner joint group.

Looking for a link. Report on Mike'd Up, Francesa on the Fan daily sport show on 660AM.

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thats interesting

after the bottom 64 play would they then re-seed? or how would that work?

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i hope espn gets the rights

i hope espn gets the rights to the tournament, since they have more channels maybe there will be less cutting away from games

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I hope this expansion

I hope this expansion doesn't happen, you can't tell me there are 96 teams who can play in the tournament, there is a reason the NIT exists. If they did expand to like 68, I wouldn't mind because there really aren't many snubs and with another 4 wouldn't hurt the tourney any.

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I agree knicksfan

The NIT used to be THE post season it falls into the ncaa tourny as the "other" post season tournament. Would really hate to see the NIT be snubbed of more teams that could make it exciting and worth watching.

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