What if a team with a PG gets that 1st pick?

I know John Wall is amazing don't get me wrong. But there are some teams that need more than a PG. Here are the teams I feel could should not take John Wall if they get the 1st overall pick

New Jersey, Minnesota, Golden State, Utah, L.A. Clippers, New Orleans ( some close to the lotto) Milwaukee, Chicago.

Here's why.

New Jersey- Devin Harris isn't a terrible PG. He isn't that master passer teams need but NJ doesn't need that. People forget he was a all star.

Golden State: Monta Ellis is dropping a 24-4-5 at age 24 and Stephen Curry

Utah- Deron Williams

LA Clippers- Unless Baron Davis is moveable ( most likely not)

New Orleans- Chris Paul and Darren Collinson

Milaukee and Chicago- Jennings and Rose

I'm not saying these teams won't take John Wall but I'm saying if they have that number one pick- there are other options including trading that pick.

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if he was saving his energy

if he was saving his energy then hes a even worst defender then i think. i rather have a guy save enery on offense then on defense. wwhich might be why ellis is always in trade talk

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like he was saving his

like he was saving his energy to score, and not expending energy defensively

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