Yi And Blatche

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Yi And Blatche

These guys put up some monster stat lines

Blatche shooting 17-31 from the floor for 36 pts 15 rebs 2 blks 2 stl

Yi went for 20 pts 19 rebs with 12 offensive rebs!!!!!!

Blatche has continued his torrid tare since the trade but im not sure how much longer he can keep this up but im rooting for him. But Yi though with 19 rebs, i know he cant do that every game but with his length and athleticsim he should be grabbing almost close to double digit rebs on a team like the nets, hope he closes out the season on a good note like this

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Blatche looked good against

Blatche looked good against the Knicks too, Yi has been spotty this year shooting 39% no wonder Milwaukee traded him he rebounds decent 7 a game though.

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i think he can keep it up.

i think he can keep it up. look at the wi roster. this guy is gonna get all the shots he want every single game. they wont win much but he will be able to have all the looks he want

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