detroit definetly needs a new coach

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detroit definetly needs a new coach

okay this is starting to piss me off john kuester has no clue what hes there has been like 8 games where we've needed a big 3 to tie or win and last year they did not have a good 3 point shooter so we got ben gordon and charlie v so you would think they would do good in these situations well you guessed wrong kuester doesnt know how to draw up a play to get an open shooter all of the games they took well contested 3's in peoples faces, plus down the stretch they should being going to stuckey to drive on the smaller point guards but no they have to do the same play every time and try to get gordon or hamilton open this is what stops the pistons from winning being predictable down the stretch pistons need a new coach maybe byron scott but kuester needs to go i say fire kuester and get byron in the offseason

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They need a new Gm it would

They need a new Gm it would appears as well unless Dumars has something up his sleaves.

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wow theyre already pay

wow theyre already pay coaches more than any other player on theyre team from firing so many... maybe try to save some money and get a team that doesnt suck... and sheltwon is right... joe's bad desicions have far outweighed the good... starting from drafting darko to signing charlie v... they need a COMPLETE firesale of that team to be able to do anything... maybe a miracle happens and they get john wall...

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