knicks vs wiz

the lake show
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knicks vs wiz

anyone see this game?..david lee at the end?..tmac balling? harrington killing...sergio......andry blatche continuing his rampage...and the best thing of all for knicks fans...they won

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it was very entertaining

it was very entertaining

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20 wins!

20 wins! lol. It would be nice if the Knicks could finish the season strong. Im also likeing the fact that Bill Walker and Toney Douglas are getting some time.

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JR Giddens

This fool is acytually a baller in the league, Boston stretched out an drafted him in the first round. But I think Jr And Bill could make this new york offense actually work!

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Huuuuuuugeeeeeeee giddens fan. Dude's got crazy hops (check out the 2003 mickey d's slam dunk comp) and prolly woulda gone way higher if he didnt get in a bar fight at age 20 while he was at Kansas. He can flat out stroke the trey and is a crazy athlete. Him in a run n gun offense has the potential to be down right lethal.

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cant wait for tmac

cant wait for tmac to get his legs 100%

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Two thumbs up to

Two thumbs up to NYKnumba3.

That was the funniest post I've seen on this board in a long, long time. 

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LOL....Im surprised we won,

LOL....Im surprised we won, the Knicks are gonna get bullied for the rest of the season..David Lee is incapable of defending anyone in the post....and neither is anybody else on the roster...

Were way to undersized to be considered as a legit team...especially tonight, we might just get dominated by Marc Gasol & Zach Randolph down low...

Right now, were pretty much seeing what everyone has left in the tank & looking out for guys that might be on the roster next season

This season is a lost cause

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