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As the MN T-Wolves are currently constituted, who are the players do you think are legitimate NBA starters?
I see.....
Al Jefferson being a starter (assuming he gets back to his pre-surgery playing style)
Kevin Love as a starter (rebounder, pick and roll, setting screens)
Jonny Flynn eventually as a 6th man (instant offense, change of pace)
Ramon Sessions as a backup pg (good ball handler, solid defender, solid scorer, leader)
Corey Brewer as a 7th man off the bench (good defender off the bench, aggressive to the basket)
Ryan Gomes as a 7th man off the bench (average scorer, average rebounder, average defender)
Ryan Hollins as a backup big man
Wayne Ellington still too early to tell (great shooter)


Not sure what the Wolves are thinking playing Love off the bench.
Also I don't think that Jonny Flynn is best served playing in the triangle offense

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