Will G.M's overlook Devean Downey's height and draft him becuz of his talent?

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Will G.M's overlook Devean Downey's height and draft him becuz of his talent?

The 5'9 guard from South Carolina is having a monster season averaging 22 points a game..During the Gamecocks January 26 upset over then number 1 Kentucky..A game that featured possibly the top 2 picks in the 2010 NBA draft in Walls & Cousins..Downey was the best player on the floor...Last season Downey applied for the draft but returned to school...After being told that he wouldn't be drafted at all...Scouts said he'll be better trying to carve out a career overseas..Becuz in the NBA he will have problems trying to guard or constantly getting post up by bigger players..NBA legend Magic Johnson disagrees, I think Downey has a place in the league..Yeah he's undersized..But he can be a sparkplug off the bench..He can shoot the ball,he plays with tenacity,he's fast, a good penetrator and he creates for his teammates..Johnson said Downey reminds him of former NBA player Micheal Adams..Even though there have been several undersized guards to succeed in the league..Teams aren't willing to take the gamble of drafting them in the 1st round...

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They probably will but

They probably will but someone may take him in late 1st early second.

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He's a guy that I'd take a

He's a guy that I'd take a chance on in the 2nd round, possibly have an Earl Boykins type career. He's had to be a scorer for USC with Dominique Archie (a sleeper prospect IMO) out with injury, but he's definitely capable of playing PG. He's an unbelievable player and I think he can play in the NBA

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Height is so overrated

Height is so overrated Downey can play. I don't think he anywhere near Nate Robinson athletically, but he is a more disciplined player than Nate. I don't think he'll ever be as explosive as Nate on the court, but a lot more consistent than Nate. Also, if he has the right attitude then teams will want him and he'll have a nice career in the NBA.

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he might not get drafted but

he might not get drafted but he will be in the summer leauge and on someones vet camp roster. the thing he will need to do is the other things besides scoring. like passing. each team will have there fill of scorers so all he would need to do is be a good defender hitopen shots,pass and not turnover the ball alot

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I don't see him being a

I don't see him being a starter in the nba but he could be a very good change of pace guard off the bench.

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I think he will be more

I think he will be more desired by teams as a scorer if he becomes more consistent as a shooter. I mean when he gets hot, he's hot, but it takes him a while.

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