NBA 'Powers'

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NBA 'Powers'

I was watching ESPN today, after the 20 point blowout win by the Cavs over the Celtics, and Jalen Rose-like every other NBA analyst on ESPN- was talking about how the Celtics are still championship contenders. Also, even though the talks have died down greatly, some still consider the Spurs legit title contenders.

Am I the only one who is confused by these statements? When I look at both the Celts and Spurs, I see teams with injury prone, aging, wearing down stars (KG, Ray Allen-still think Pierce, although injured, is still money- for the Celts and Parker/Manu for the Spurs), mediocre to slightly above average supporting casts, alright benches, etc.

I know they have experience and players with some of the best careers in NBA history, but I don't see how any analyst could honestly say that the Spurs or Celtics could hold their own against the Lakers, Cavs, Magic, or even the Nuggets, Hawks, and Mavs...

If anyone has some legit reasons as to why either of these teams should still be considered contenders (other than experience) I'd like to know what I'm missing.

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Have beat all those teams this year except Atlanta. They beat Clevland twice and once without Peirce. Split games with LA and the Mavs one a mean blowout at home in Dallas. The Celtics have the 2nd best road record in the league so they beat u in the your gym. Went 7 with Orlando last year with no KG. That being said they are contenders, but if they do not get healthy as a team they are not going anywhere except the playoffs 1st or 2nd round. They are still contenders though. Spurs are going no where

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Boston has not beat Dallas, they lost at home to them, and play in Dallas next month

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Celtics have maybe a small

Celtics have maybe a small chance but it is over for the spurs unless they can get lucky and get another Duncan.

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i uderstand what they are

i uderstand what they are saying because the playoffs are a different animal then the regular season and vets play on a different level in the playoffs then they do in the regular season. cleveland murdered just abotu everyone last year int he regular season but got ate up by orlando in the playoffs. the spurs tend to go through the motions in the regular season and the lakers even more so but come playoff time it becomes a new ball game. im not saying they are gonna win it all( i am saying that about the lakers but not boston and the spurs) but it would be foolish to count them out because of whats going on in the regular season

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