Who will go down as a better SG

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Who will go down as a better SG

Dywane Wade or Tracy McGrady

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Daaaaaaammmmmm T-MAC was so dominate

Good question..Wade is 28 and McGrady will be turning 31 in May..Wade was Jordanlike during the 2006 Finals leading his team to a historic comeback win..And McGrady was so dominate the past decade.....How dominate was he? Well people were asking who was better him or Kobe? But injuries & failing to win in the playoffs has hurt him a little bit...Wade has a ring..But he needs more on his resume..Playing in the league while Lebron and Kobe are known as the 2 best players..Can only push Wade to become better.Becuz on some nights he's better than those guys..But not having a great supporting cast....Means he has to go hard every night..And that might wear on his body.Wade has a few years to add to his legacy..While McGrady's injuries makes him questionable to ever play at the level he once was at...So the way things stands right now..I think Wade a chance to be the better player...

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T Mac

Got minutes early in his career because he could defend and play point. When he was at the top of his game he would lock Kobe up and score on him all the time I remember, but I think Wade will go down as the better player. Too many injuries and he always takes the blame for the team not going anywhere. Thing is I remember T Mac playing real well in the playoffs just having to do to much all the time.

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Definitely Dwyane Wade. If T-Mac be as dominate as he was bfore, he would be in consideration. He also hasn't even gotten past the first round of the nba playoffs and Dwyane Wade won an NBA Championship.

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wow big time question...i

wow big time question...i think T-mac was little better 5yrs back..but Wade will end up with more huge seasons IMO.
..and Wade is one of the most underrated players, there is no Kobe and LeBron as 2 bests, there is Kobe LeBron and Dwyane in top 3

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T-Mac was dominant when he

T-Mac was dominant when he was at the top of his game before he was crippled by injuries, but he never made it out of the first round ...

... and D Wade has a ring, enough said!

It's D. Wade!

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I remember the Christmas of 2003 I believe. It was Magics vs Lakers, Kobe vs T-Mac. O man, they were going at it back and forth guarding each other and T-Mac just went off. I think that was the best match up of all times. It's just sad to see how good T-Mac was and never won a ring. I really thought he had a shot in Houston but with him and Yao always being injured, it just wasn't going to work. I tell you this, I rather watch a game when T-mac was playing in his prime over Dwade as of today. T-Mac was just AMAZING.

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D Wade

D Wade's already had a better career than T Mac. He is a better defender than T Mac ever was and he has a ring.

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T mac in his prime was

T mac in his prime was better then wade will ever be but in terms of career Wade will probaly beat him in career terms. I also think that T mac and lebron james are two of the best passing forwards in the last decade

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Both Ends

If I had to take one out of the two, I think I'll prefer T-Mac in his prime over anything I've seen Wade do so far. I'm not putting Wade down or anything but T-mac was the man. He did it on both ends of the floor, on top of that, he was lights out and unstoppable offensively. He was doing what Kobe is doing Offensively now, then. That was then and this is now, so Wade still has time to flourish into one of the most outstanding offensive player. But damn, Tmac had range and was deadly.

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gotta go with tmac in his

gotta go with tmac in his prime. if wade ever plays like he did in the finals though i have to switch it

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TMac in his prime, not even

TMac in his prime, not even comparable. Plenty of legends didn't win a ring, so don't be holding that over TMac and saying Wade is better just for that reason.

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Wade will but if TMac can

Wade will but if TMac can bounce back and win a ring then maybe he gets back on top since he is the better player but injuries have hurt him. He was forced to carry a sorry team longer than Wade. Imagine if T Mac had Shaq in his still productive at times years.

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His injuries and lack of supporting casts will hurt him. Also Dwayne Wade has more good seasons left in him. Back injuries are bad.

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tracy mcgrady was NEVER and

tracy mcgrady was NEVER and will NEVER be anywhere NEAR wade's level defensively... 1.3 blks and 2.3 stl's per game are a plataeu thats only been reached by jordan and wade...

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Wade is better

Houston made it to second round without t-mac.... that tells you everything.... wade caried his to team to title and he caries them in last few season without any help....and wade is better defender,can play point also and tmac just has better 3pt shoot.. THIS IS EASY ONE WADE IS BETTER

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I think it's easily Dwyane

I think it's easily Dwyane Wade. He does more than just score, as T-Mac did. Wade has always been a great defender, he's a far better playmaker passing the ball, and he has won more. I think McGrady was a better pure scorer, but Wade is the better basketball player and winner.

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