Patrick Ewing JR

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Patrick Ewing JR

What is the chances he make a roster next year. He is actually a good fit for the knicks next year. after they sign their "big 2" they will need min wage players. Also he is very athletic and has heart.

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Word,he did well with his

Word,he did well with his little pre-season stint with the news about 2 years ago, better than Anthony Roberson, but they kept Roberson

Anybody know where he is now? Last I heard he was still recovering from a knee injury

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He measured out as the best

He measured out as the best athlete at the pre-draft camp when he entered the league.

Dhamp2...Do I really need to tell you the name. You have to admit. I'm right most of the time.

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He had a good year with the

He had a good year with the D-League last year averaging just about 17 and 9, but you are right MagicKnick he is recovering an MCL tear and has sat out this season. I doubt he makes a roster at the start of next season, but if his knee rehabs well, I could see him being signed as an energy guy.

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dhamp u get a thumbs down

dhamp u get a thumbs down for every post u have just because ur a cocky b itch with that sig....

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