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Mason Plumlee

I think this Freshman PF/C from duke has alot of potential. He's still got a ton to work on. He's still pretty raw. But nobody really seems to be talking about this kid. He's a great athlete and his post game is getting better with every game. What do you think of his potential as an NBA player?

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He is definitely a great

He is definitely a great athlete, but he is very raw. He has virtually no part of their offense, he scores off of cuts, rebounds, and slips.

I've heard rumblings that he might declare after his freshmen year, which would be a terrible mistake. He's not ready for the NBA game at all, I dont know if he'll ever be an NBA player, but he should stay another 2 years at least and develop his game. He needs to work on his post game, and eat more.

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hes a nba athlethe already n

hes a nba athlethe already n he has some post moves just need sum minutes which would b dere next yr n plaus his development was slowed down b/c he was injured 2 start so i see him as a prototype pf n havin a griffin like impact next yr wit a good pg like kyrie irving

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