Robbie Hummel has a torn ACL

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Robbie Hummel has a torn ACL

"The do-it-all junior forward will miss the remainder of the season after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. The injury occurred during the first half of No. 3 Purdue's 59-58 win over Minnesota on Wednesday. Purdue made the announcement after Hummel underwent an MRI examination on Thursday afternoon."

Well i think that dashes the boilermakers final four hopes this year

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Lewis Jackson was hurt

Lewis Jackson was hurt earlier, and when they hit their stride with him in the lineup Hummel gets hurt...Sad news man.

But hey, now maybe Kansas State can compete for the #1 seed....A fella can dream can't he?!

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Feel bad, he's a fine

Feel bad, he's a fine player. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and he comes back stronger.

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Yea... I hated to read about

Yea... I hated to read about this in the papers today. He's a good kid and such an important piece to the team. I hope he comes back strong next season.

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It really hurts to hear this

It really hurts to hear this news as a Purdue fan because Hummel really does bring everything together on both ends of the floor for the team.

I'm hoping Keaton Grant, the senior guard, can step up as a starter and i'm hoping E'twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson can become more consistent scorers to make up for the 16ppg that they will lose. If, on top of that, the freshmen forwards start rebounding better, the Boilermakers are still a tough team to beat.

But realistically, I suspect they'll still win the Big Ten but won't make it past the Sweet Sixteen in the tourney.

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