Big Z buyout agreement

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Big Z buyout agreement

Big Z and the wizards agreed to a buyout. He can now sign with any team except the cavs until 30 days. I see him singing and staying with the cavs because they need him and he's been there his whole career. I think the Mavs want him too, to strengthen there center position but when it's all said and done I see him with the Cavs in 30 days.

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If he signs with the Denver

If he signs with the Denver Nuggets....It's over.....All season I've said we need another big man. One that would help Nene, the rail thin Chris Anderson and the undersized Kenyon Martin.

Dhamp2....the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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He MUST go to the Cavs, he

He MUST go to the Cavs, he is like their symbol, Big Z=Cleveland Cavs

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I wonder if Portland goes after him?

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He is going back to the

He is going back to the Cavs. His career is almost over and the best chance to win a ring is in Cleveland for him. Plus I'm sure his family is happy in Cleveland.

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