Players with rights held by teams

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Players with rights held by teams

Do you think many will actually be signed next year?

when i say rights held i mean players that were drafted but never signed or chose to sign a contract overseas such as

Josh Childress

Tiago Splitter

Nikola Pekovic

Fran Vazquez

Omer Asik

Joel Freeland

Ante Tomic

Juan Carlos Navarro

Shan Foster

Yotam Halperin

Sani Becirovic

James Gist

Maarty Leunen

Axel Hervelle

DeVon Hardin

Brad Newley

Lior Eliyahu

Erazem Lorbek

Sofoklis Schortsanitis

Petteri Koponen

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I think two of the best players on the list are the ones most likely to show up in the NBA next year. They are Petteri Koponen, an outstanding pass first PG and Tiago Splitter, a 7 footer whom most people believe belongs in the NBA.

As for Josh Childress, I don't know any thing specific about him but I wouldn't be surprised to see him return.

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Pekovic is great and can opt out of his contract this summer i think. But the Wolves has him and its play is too similar to Jefferson and Love so unless some trade he will stay in Europe I think.

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I really liked Navarro in

I really liked Navarro in his rookie year, I was upset to see him go away, wish he'd return

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I really think Big Al will

I really think Big Al will end up getting traded and Pekovic will end up coming over next season at some point. Big Al is a great player but he doesn't fit Minny's new system (the triangle O). He is not assertive enough to take over the game and then when he gets the ball on the block he is not very aware of the positioning of his teammates on the floor. Not a good fit for a triangle offense but could be very very effective when paired with a primary option scorer.

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Petteri Koponen i think has

Petteri Koponen i think has a huge chance to be a player in the nba. He has tore up the summer league the last couple years.

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Fran Vazquez smh

Fran Vazquez smh

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Splitter will be up for bids

Splitter will be up for bids this summer, and he will probably use Real Madrid to push up the price. I'm not sure if San Antonio keeps him or deals his rights because they won't want to pay what it going to take to bring him over.

Minny GM Kahn has said that he wants to bring over Nikola Pekovic this summer, and claims the desire is mutual.

Tomic just signed a deal with Real Madrid, so he won't join the Jazz for a few years. He just turned 23, though, so he has plenty of time.

Childress will probably come back. The market will be freed up this summer, and I can see some team giving him the contract offer he wants. If not, Olympiakos will be glad to take him back.

Omer Asik could join the Bulls next fall. They drafted him hoping to have him develop for two years.

Hardin has been injury-plagued, so he hasn't really done much to sell himself to date. Unless the Thunder consolidate a lot of the young players they have to get Durant a real co-pilot, I don't think OKC will sign him.

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there is more names

Ahmad Nivins&Calethas for the Mavs,Rubio is known Nando de Colo for spurs,Sergiy Glady with Hawks ,Henk Norel with wolves and Llull with Rockets and the last name I remember is Eyenga for the Cavs

now those I've seen
Navarro: too good to go back to the NBA as a good rule player ,he is the best player in the best team in Europe right now ,Barcs won,t let him go
Rubio:we all know about him
Llull :amazingly underrated:he can be a starter in the NBA or a very good backup
Fran Vazquez:gr8 big man who will never leave spain
Omer Asik : watched him in Euro fiba against spain and many other teams he owned Gasol brother but have some other difficult games, he can score and block shots with decent rebound abilities ,he will be something like Marc Gasol but not as good
Shan Foster:it is over for him he isn't gonna to the NBA
Calethas:he makes Barea looks super athletic ,watched him with Greece NT ,he isn't doing well with Panathinaikos,he will benifit for sure playing with the greatest coach ever overseas and with a great team but he doesn't look a good player at all for me,decent passer,can only hit open shots ,gr8 dribbling with poor finish ,Panathinaikos will play against barcelona tonight and I will try to watch the game as there will be many of those prospects tonight
Ahmad Nivins:he is replacing Ibaka in Spain and his numbers looked good last time I've checked it ,can be a good backup PF in the mold OF Big baby Davis or Bass
Petteri Koponen:he wants to be in the NBA next season,I read that the mavs really wants him and will try to get him from Portland ,the Blazzers still wants him to stay overseas ,his numbers made me think he can be a SG with his size (it is always good to have a SG who passes the ball)and what supports that is the fact that the mavs already said that Beaubois is the PG of the future ,anyway I haven't seen him but as a Mavs fan I believe they know a lot about international players and I think the kid is gonna be good
Nando de Colo :looks to be another steal for the spurs again,he is having a good Career so far overseas ,played with France NT , it isn't like he is gonna be next Manu but he is for sure gonna be a good backup SG
Eyenga :the Cavs was really high on him,never seen him though
Glady : as Eyenga never seen him but read some reporters saying that he is really goof

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