why the knicks should not sign david lee in the offseason

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why the knicks should not sign david lee in the offseason

watching the game last night showed me a knicks future if lee is doning a knicks jersey next season. dont get me wrong, lee gets rebounds consistently and works well in the pick and roll game. and if you told me in 2006 that lee would be hitting 18 footers by now or would be an allstar before channing frye, i would have had you arrested for telling the worst lie in history. but he has and is a very good player. having said that, lee's role in the system hurts the knicks. lee is too poor of a defender to even play in an offensive minded system. did you see how bogut commanded the boards? it was like lee wasnt even there. and considering he is an allstar, lee will proably demand at least 12 million. i feel this is way too much of a cost and donnie walsh should avoid overpaying anybody. instead he should let some other team sign him and focus on other free agents.

and for the record despite freeing up $30 million dollars cap space, i still feel lebron will not sign with the knicks.

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but lee has to go up against

but lee has to go up against centers who are bigger taller and stronger then him and hes not a center. i dont really expect him to be that good of a defender you know?..he doesnt really have help down there since gallo isnt a banger so its basically him against a pf and a center. he is best served as pf. i agree that he prob wont be worth the money he will be asking for

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Lee true position is a power

Lee true position is a power forward but the thing is he quickness advantage goes away and as a power forward he is not a all star in the NBA

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can we

can we keep the knick post limited for the short gime i been here 85 % of the ish is bout knicks and freeagentcy its all good and intresting topics but too much im sure peope already argued muiltiple times about if dlee fits with knicks next yea or not cant any1 wait til summer i mean i love my knicks dont get me rong but some new topics

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David Lee and Al Horford are the two guys in the league that I would like to see what they could do if they played their true position which is power forward. The only thing is that I think Lee would still get ate up at the 4, but who knows if he had some solid defenders in front or behind of him, how much that might help. I just see him having to guard more skilled guys like Dirk and Amare, as opposed to the stiffs that you usually see at center in the NBA. Andrew Bogut is a pretty solid center, but if he's eating you alive imaging what a guy with more range and quickness is going to do to him. The Knicks aren't going to re-sign him and it would be pointless for any team if he's going to have to be their starting center.

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Dumbest post ever. Only an

Dumbest post ever. Only an idiot would diss a guy after he puts up 28 15 3 2 1. It has been established that Lee is not a great defender and his size only handicaps him more against larger bigmen. If not for Lee then the Knicks would have less than half of the wins they have accumulated up to now. As quincey said, Lee is basically playing 2 on 1 down low.

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