Amazing debut for McGrady for Knicks in loss to Thunder

On Saturday night, former Houston Rockets superstar forward Tracy Mcgrady showed to the world and the New York Knicks that they did not commit a mistake when they traded for him.
Mcgrady had a blazing debut for his new team scoring 26 points in-front of the hometown fans at the Madison Square Garden in the Knicks 121-118 loss to the red-hot Oklahoma Thunder.
The NBA superstar who last played for the Rockets in December was visibly exhausted in the game in his 32 minutes playing time.
Despite a long layoff, Mcgrady still showed his skills and the reason why he is one of the top players in the premier basketball league in the planet.
The newly acquired New York Knicks member is very happy with his debut for the team since it went beyond his expectation in terms of scoring is concerned.
He said not playing for sometime and coming from an injury he expect not to make too many shots since he is just adjusting again in playing professional basketball.
However, Mcgrady said he is himself surprised with his great game and is optimistic that he can soon show his true form in basketball.
The superb game of Mcgrady was however undermined after his team loss to the Thunder who was once again lead by its rising star Kevin "Smooth as silk" Durant who scored a whopping 36 points for his team.
Durant who resembles the playing style and attitude of Mcgrady when the latter was still new to the NBA scored crucial points for his team to spoil the debut of the NBA superstar.
The top player of the Thunder who was selected in his first All-Star appearance this NBA season showed maturity and poise to ensure his team will not lose against the highly determined Knicks.
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