Chen Jianghua

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Chen Jianghua

What happened to this kid? i remember reading about him on this site years ago. His profile still compares him to A.I. but i only hear his name mentioned when the chinese national team is playing.He seems pretty quick and athletic but it also looks like he hasnt gained a pound since he was 15

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from what I heard, he has a

from what I heard, he has a really low basketball IQ.
He is very gifted and still very young, but right now he is incapable of consistently running the point.
I havent watched much Chinese national team games, but in those that I watched, he doesnt play alot, I think he has to dominate in Asia first in order to even consider coming to the NBA.
but I hope he does tho, its about time we have a guard in the NBA.

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Chinese National Team

When Chen Jianghua played on the Chinese National team in the Olympics. He was constantly turning the ball over, playing out-of-control and couldn't do anything to save his play time on an extremely weak Chinese backcourt. I wish he can be more successful, but if Sun Yue cannot make an NBA team, there is slim to no chance Chen Jianghua can make the NBA. Liu Wei was the only PG on the Chinese National team that can somewhat run the team (still pretty bad). I think Chen Jianghua hasn't been too good playing in the CBA either. The hype is pretty much over.

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