Players that Just dont Get "IT"

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Players that Just dont Get "IT"

I.e guys who can shoot, jump, run at higher levels than an avg nba player but are total busts and never will amount to shit... I nominate Gerald Green, I almost feel hurt when typing that name as I wanted to to suceed so bad and almost died when he fell to the c's at 18. I dont know how someone with his package can bomb out.. Anyhow leave your examples

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James White & Rodney White

James White & Rodney White come to mind, but along with Green these guys are just above avg. dunkers, not really shooters. Crazy Athleticism + Low Bball IQ - Defense = Dleague at best.

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there still hope

gerald green go over seas learns how to play defence and better his basketball I.Q and handle hell be back like cpt jack

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G.Green is very talented,

G.Green is very talented, but he plays no defense, and I heard that he does drugs, maybe its that

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Nick Young

but also he didnt get real chance

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Green is probably on the

Green is probably on the Syrup..Most guys from Houston that do drugs are. But yea, that probably has to do with his basketball.

I don't think Rashad McCants ever really got it. He thought he was a star player, but he's more of an instant offense player off the bench. His attitude has him out of the league too, because no coach wants to put up with a guy that thinks he's a star but pouts because he gets only spot minutes.

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Can we stop saying drugs

Can we stop saying drugs what are we in an 8th grade dare class? haha Most guys in the league smoke weed (according to josh howard last summer). I would believe this to be true when even guys like Brad Miller get busted with some dank. Some guys just don't have the work ethic of others lets not speculate about someones personal life. Many guys that have had drug addiction and posession charges have had good careers. Look at D-Strawberry in baseball.

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