all conference teams

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all conference teams

here are my all-conference teams

Atlantic 10
G-Rodney Green, La Salle
G-Jordan Crawford, Xavier
G-Ryan Brooks, Temple
F-Chris Wright, Dayton
F-LaVoy Allen, Temple

POY: Jordan Crawford: 19.6 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 2.9 apg, 1.3 spg, 40% 3PT, 45% FG

G-Jon Scheyer, Duke
G-Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech
G-Greivis Vasquez, Maryland
F-Kyle Singler, Duke
F-Al Farouq-Aminu, Wake Forest

POY: Jon Scheyer: 19.1 ppg, 5.4 apg, 3.4 rpg, 40% 3PT, 89% FT, 1.6 spg

BIG 10:
G-Kalin Lucas, Michigan State
G-Manny Harris, Michigan
G-Evan Turner, Ohio State
F-Robbie Hummel, Purdue
C-JaJuan Johnson, Purdue

POY: Evan Turner: 19.5 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 5.8 apg, 1.9 spg, 0.8 bpg, 55% FG

BIG 12:
G-Jacob Pullen, Kansas State
G-Sherron Collins, Kansas
G-James Anderson, Oklahoma State
F-Damion James, Texas
C-Cole Aldrich, Kansas

POY: Damion James: 17.8 ppg, 10.8 rpg, 1.6 spg, 1.2 bpg, 42% 3PT, 50% FG
note: sherron collins could just as easily win this

G-Scottie Reynolds, Villanova
G-Dominique Jones, USF
G-Da'Sean Butler, West Virginia
F-Wesley Johnson, Syracuse
F-Luke Harangody, Notre Dame

POY: Luke Harangody: 24.1 ppg, 10 rpg, 1.8 apg, 0.8 bpg, 0.5 spg, 49% FG

Conference USA:
G-Elliot Williams, Memphis
G-Aubrey Coleman, Houston
G-Elijah Millsap, UAB
C-Hassan Whiteside, Marshall
C-Jerome Jordan, Tulsa

POY: Aubrey Coleman: 25.6 ppg, 7.6 rpg, 2.2 apg, 3 spg, 43% FG, 74% FT

Mountain West:
G-Jimmer Fredette, BYU
G-Tre'Von Willis, UNLV
F-Darington Hobson, New Mexico
F-Roman Martinez, New Mexico
F-Kawhi Leonard, San Diego State

POY: Jimmer Fredette: 21.5 ppg, 5 apg, 3.2 rpg, 1.4 spg, 49% 3PT, 90% FT
note: darington hobson really pushing fredette here

G-Jerome Randle, Cal
G-Klay Thompson. Washington State
G-Patrick Christopher, Cal
F-Landry Fields, Stanford
F-Quincy Pondexter, Washington

POY: Quincy Pondexter: 20.3 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 1.6 apg, 1.4 spg, 0.6 bpg, 54% FG

G-Courtney Fortson, Arkansas
G-John Wall, Kentucky
G-Devan Downey, South Carolina
F-Patrick Patterson, Kentucky
C-DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky

POY: John Wall: 16.8 ppg, 6.3 apg, 4.1 rpg, 1.9 spg, 0.6 bpg, 35% 3PT

G-Kyle Gibson, Louisiana Tech
G-Jahmar Young, New Mexico State
G-Armon Johnson, Nevada
F-Luke Babbitt, Nevada
F-Paul George, Fresno State

POY: Luke Babbitt: 21.6 ppg, 9.7 rpg, 1.9 apg, 1.1 spg, 40% 3PT, 51% FG

1st Team All-Americans:

G-John Wall, Kentucky
G-Evan Turner, Ohio State
C-DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky
F-Damion James, Texas
F-Luke Harangody, Notre Dame

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i agree with your pac 10

i agree with your pac 10 list, although i wouldgive fields the slight edge for poy. But i actually think it's hard to argue against any of those 5 clearly being the top 5 in that conference.

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Big East

G-Scottie Reynolds, Villanova
G-Dominique Jones, USF
F-Wesley Johnson, Syracuse
F-Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
C - Greg Monroe, Georgetown

I like the list but either Harangody or Butler has to go as Monroe is clearly the top center in this conference. Harangody is more of a PF then Center. But if I had to personally pick 5 players to go heads up with any other 5 players in their conference in the country, I'll go Reynolds, Jones, Johnson, Butler, Monroe.

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I agree with the

I agree with the All-Conference teams, but I think Sherron Collins is the likely winner of Conference P.O.Y. with James Anderson right behind in the Big 12. Damion James won't be the P.O.Y. in the Big 12.

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