Sad News in Disguise For the Texas Longhorns...

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Sad News in Disguise For the Texas Longhorns...

Ok if you havent heard, Dogus Balbay suffered an unfortunate injury (torn ACL) and is obviously out for the season. I don't know really what's going to happen to the depth chart, but could this be the chance to see the much-maligned Avery Bradley take over the PG spot? Or do y'all see Justin Mason/J'Covan Brown/Jai Lucas taking over? This is interesting to me..

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This may be a blessing in

This may be a blessing in disguis for Texas actually. You never want to see a player tear a knee ligament or get hurt at all for that matter...but Texas is in a funk, and maybe, just maybe, this can do something for them.
1. They will have to play a more offensive minded guard like Jcovan Brown or Bradley even at the point, which will help their posts by keeping double teams away and spreading the floor better for their slashers.
2. While they do lose his Defensive capabilites and steadiness...they gain a player that shoot FT's in anyone who is taking his place on the floor.
3. Anytime you lose a leader like Balbay, players step up and the team sometimes bands together. It sounds so cliche but hey, Texas needs a spark, maybe they will all step up in his absence and actaully start playing up to their potential.

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Brown will take over the
Brown will take over the point, and Texas' season will go to rot because he'll keep taking stupid shots. Then Barnes will realize this just in time to make the tournament, and Lucas or Bradley will run point at the end of the year, they'll make the Sweet 16 and everyone will have no idea what happened this year.
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