Whats the deal with Pittman

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Whats the deal with Pittman

I am aware that Pittman has the size and ability to play Center in the NBA, but if im a GM, i am not taking the kid. It just seems to me that he is not motivated to make millions with the ability that he has to enable this opportunity. After a stellar start to the season, where Pittman was looking to be a mid first round selection, he is averaging 5.8ppg over his last 13 gms, the motivation just isnt there, if you were a GM, would you take him, why or why not?

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I would take him early

I would take him early second round, he has shown he can be very good but his post skills are not, well he doesn't have any post skills but he is very big and has a mean streak so he could develop into Perkins maybe which isn't a bad player to have.

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I would take a chance on him

I would take a chance on him in the early 2nd round. That way I wouldn't have to set aside guaranteed money for 2/3 years if he got off to a sluggish and unimpressive start in the NBA. I said it earlier, he's not explosive at the rim to finish when contested, he can't play any farther than about 5 feet from the rim, and he's got a weight problem that risky to put it lightly. He's nowhere near where he was earlier in the season athletically as he was noticeably slimmer than he is now. He's been losing himself alot of money since the conference slate started..

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I don't think he will be

I don't think he will be anything more than a backup center in the NBA. After watching him last year I didn't have him ranked any higher than a potential mid 2nd rounder, but his non-conference play put him on my radar as a guy who vastly improved his game, but when he matched up against tougher competiton in the BIg 12 he hasn't risen to the challenge. From what I understand he is a nice guy and a hard worker, but the fact he has had weight issues in the past and his play late into the year this season make me question if he could endure significant minutes in an 82 game schedule. He is very strong and fundamentally sound, but I don't think his shot blocking numbers will translate him being a force blocking shots in the NBA. I would take him in the mid-second round if my team needed a good 3rd string center, I think his ceiling is a backup who plays 15 min a game and gives you 5 pts and 3rbs.

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