Texas Longhorns

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Texas Longhorns

Ah, Another Blow to my Longhorns...
Dogus Balbay tore his ACL in his Left Knee...That's only our Second Significant Injury, but Still...
Two of our Older Guards are down now. (Varez Ward, Dogus Balbay)
I think Jai Lucas will start at the 1 now, but really Bradley should.
Hopefully J. Hamilton gets more minutes from this because the dude is Raw and can Ball.
We've been struggling too so this doesn't help much, but Dogus does hurt our offense alot because any open shot he gets he turns down...

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While I hate that it had to come because of injury, I really think that having either Balbay or Justin Mason taken completely out of the rotation will help Texas' offense immensely. I think they will become a much smoother offense team and may be able to find their offensive identity a little easier (although after 27 games, you'd think they'd already have an identity).

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