tyrus thomas and charlotte

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tyrus thomas and charlotte

does anybody see tyrus fulfilling potential here?

he always complained about coach del negro and when he came to charlotte he said larry brown was helping him a lot... hes posted nice figures in the 2 games hes been here (9pts 12reb 6blk, 12pts 11 reb 4blk 1stl) and seems to like it there....

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Good Start

Tyrus has SO much athletic ability and potential........he could lead the league in blocks pretty easily.......

He finally has a old, intelligent, heavy-handed coach in Larry Brown. His whole career he has had coaches i think he hasn't fully respected, starting at LSU where the coach was not very inclined toward discipline, Then, I may be wrong, Scott Skiles who is very strict but young and does not command the respect of a coach who has been there, and finally Del Negro, who was more lenient then Skiles.

If Coach Brown can't get him to mature and focus then no coach can.......Im hoping he DOES fulfill his potential.....he is fun to watch when he is trying.

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I'd have to say Tyrus (even

I'd have to say Tyrus (even with his athletic ability) would have a hard time leading the lead in blocks over Dwight Howard and Josh Smith. Both those guys are more athletic than Tyrus IMO and have better size.

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Tyrus Thomas has the talent

Tyrus Thomas has the talent to be a decent offensive player and a great defensive player. He has the ability to lead the league in blocks and grab a ton of rebounds and steals. The only things holding him back are his motivation to become that player and his basketball IQ. If you watch him play, he often looks lost out on the court, especially on the offensive side of the floor. He doesn't grasp spacing and positioning well and tends to disrupt the flow of the game because of it.

He does seem to like it there but you have to wait and see with him. You have to see how he starts to react to Coach Brown when he receives criticism for his play.

This trade has worked out well for both sides so far.

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I think Tyrus will play just

I think Tyrus will play just well enough that some dumb team (Minnesota or New Jersey would be the two that stick out in my mind) will give him way too much money this summer as a restricted free agent, and end up working some odd sign-and-trade with Charlotte that looks bad for everyone.

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that actually good happen

that actually good happen

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Tyrus will blow you away one

Tyrus will blow you away one night and then the next night he will make some of the dumbest plays you have ever seen. The problem he had with Chicago was just making stupid mistakes...and then following up those mistakes with even more mistakes. Tons of potential but will he ever get it. He needs to just focus on rebounds,blocks,defense,dunks and layups.

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