Will Jordan Hill trade comeback to haunt the Knicks?

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Will Jordan Hill trade comeback to haunt the Knicks?

After watching Brandon Jennings dominate the early part of the season..Knicks management must've got tired of wiping the egg off their faces ..They had a chance to draft the talented guard last summer ..But instead went in favor of Hill..They were so disappointed when Golden State chose Curry..Hill was labeled a bust ..But in the few sporatic minutes he did play..Hill showed he might be a player..If given the time and minutes to develope..He might become a quality player..The Celtics unloaded 2 future allstars in Billups & Joe Johnson in the middle of their rookie years..

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Absolutely, anytime you

Absolutely, anytime you trade a player that hasnt been given the chance to prove himself yet, it can always come back and bite you. Hill still has lots of potential and room to grow. Athletic bigman, that can shoot, runs the floor well, rebounds, and can block shots...if he can put it all together with consistency you might have a really good player there..

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Nothing says dominate like

Nothing says dominate like 37 percent from the field.

The trade of Hill has nothing to do with wiping egg off their face. Walsh wants to chase stars this summer. New York is going to completely change their roster whether or not guys like LeBron, Wade, or Bosh change teams. All that happened in that trade is that they paid the price Houston asked so that they can pursue who and what they want this summer. It has absolutely nothing to do with taking Jordan Hill over Brandon Jennings.

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Hill will not come back to

Hill will not come back to haunt the Knicks lol. Do you realize what type of player he would have to be to come back to haunt them when they have cap space to sign someone like Bosh who is light year ahead of him and pick someone like Washington in the second round who is at least where he is now. There are also player Like Chris Richard still around who are better than Hill is right now. The move that will haunt them was not moving up to get Stephon Curry and then taking Douglas when they could have move up and gotten curry and picked up Blair. They would have a quality starting point guard who can shoot and pass well and a hustle big. The biggest lost of the Knicks in this deal was the 2011 pick that could be swapped. Thatt one could hurt but then again Knicks could possible grab enough talented young players from other teams that this is a moot point in the near future.

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yhouston had all the

houston had all the leverage in this trade they knew if knicks didnt make this trade it woul;d mostlikeyly spoil thier oportunity to be a good team next year and a contending team.if knicks donot get a star or two it will haunt them just because of the the picks the gave because the will be bad again as for hill i think he can average at best14 and8 if knicks getbosh hill was never reallly going to get a chance to play so hes expendible

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Jordan Hill

I think that Jordan hill is still a really raw player.He should have stayed in school that extra year.He is about 2 years away from really doing anything.I dont think he has good post moves right now and his jump shot is not very good.But he has the potential to be a good player.A guy who could average around 12 points and 7 rebounds a game.

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We have seen what Adelman has done wit guys like Scola and Landry so no reason to think that Hill won't be even better than them.

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Best Thing to ever happen to him.

With BJ's success, D Lee playing out his mind and D'antoni's not playing rookies the world was againist Jordan Hill. Now he has a fresh start with a team with a great infastructure for big men. Hill his the tools to be a solid player in the league. Plus he has the most important skill for PF's a mid-range jumper. If the Knicks get Lebron and Bosh then they wont regret this move if they dont they will regret giving Hill away for a bag of magic beans.

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first off i watched a lot of

first off i watched a lot of knick games and jordan hill just does not look like a basketball player to me so far, he looks clumsy and lost. with that said i am rooting for him, however that trade great for this Knicks. They got back a point guard thats only 2 years older and looked great in his first game as a knick. I personally he will be better for us than jennings, he got similar quickness and court vision but not a trigger happy, which really annoys me about jennings. I wouldn't want one of the biggest chucks in the NBA on my team. Sergio will be the perfect point guard along a couple of stars for many years to come. Plus they also got a trial run of tmac and if he can stay healthy can resign him for less money to really form a deep team with him, lee and one max contract. Sometimes you gotta take chances and looking at hills play so far im going to have to say its not a huge one.

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I always thought Hill was going to be one of the few players the team kept because he's on a rookie contract and thought he'd be the replacement for David Lee, only because I don't see Lee coming back next year, especially if they land the two max guys like they want. I think his potential alone should makes him a keeper for now. I mean this rookie class has been pretty impressive so far. You can even look at a guy like Taj Gibson who's played well and I never thought he was impressive at all in college and definitely did not see him as someone who would be better as Hill. Even if he were only to become an energy guy that got a few points, blocked a few shots and grabbed some rebounds, he'd still be a valuable asset.

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Jordan Hill is a great player, no one doubts that. can't watch his games without bitterness... I truly hope he will come back. I guess I heard some piece of news about it by search on mp3 ... hope those were not just shallow rumours.

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