McGrady showed he still has it!!!

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McGrady showed he still has it!!!

There was a buzz in The Madison Square Garden saturday night..A buzz that hasn't been there since Patrick Ewing's heyday..And since Ewing's exit..Knicks management has brought in several aging stars ,hoping someone,anyone can carry them toward playoff magic..They've auditioned Penny Hardaway, Stephon Marbury,Glen Rice and Steve Francis..All 4 were hugh failures and left town becuz of injuries,trade or were boughtout..McGrady is the latest former allstar..To audition as the Knicks savior..Saturday nite McGrady was treated like he had been with the Knicks his entire career..The 7 time AllStar was in the starting lineup and was the last player to be introduced..He received a standing ovation from the Garden faithfuls who've been waiting for years to have something to cheer for..And T-Mac was sizzling in his debut...Houston felt he no longer were in their plans and traded him to New York..No one has ever doubted he couldn't be a quality player..The question was & still is can he remain healthy? T-Mac look like his old self saturday night scoring 26 points,19 in the 1st half..In his Knicks debut..But he was on the bench for almost all of the overtime..Maybe he was tired after playing 32 minutes in his 1st action since December...''Tracy just ran out of gas,''coach D'Antoni said..He hasn't played a full game in almost a year..and scores 26 points,not bad,not bad at all...T-Mac is still young only 31..But as the league's highest paid player this season making 22 million dollars....He said on friday that he's willing to take a hugh paycut..In order to allow the Knicks to sign 2 other marquee players.It will be interesting to see if T-Mac & allstar David Lee can help the Knicks get the final playoff spot in the east...

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no way they can sign guys

no way they can sign guys like lebron + bosh along with keeping lee and mcgrady. if mcgrady can finish the year averaging around 20 a game, he will demand about 10 million at least. hes not the kind of guy who would take a mid level exception for a title team. i think if he plays very well and leads them on a good run his ego will get the better of him and he'll look to go elsewhere if the knicks don't give him a good contract.

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Yea tmac was killin it and

Yea tmac was killin it and he was playin pretty good d....i think he just about has it all back except his speed....but for some reason i think he's gonna end up on with the mavs next season

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Good post about Tmac and the

Good post about Tmac and the buzz around MSG

He seemed really energized for the game too he's definately had a lot of rest playing just half a season combined since the 08-09 season.
The Knicks have no depth especially behind David Lee thats why they lost and OKC is a pretty good team too.

At first I didn't like the Knicks deal but everyone is basing that on draft picks, who knows what the pick will end up being. The pick is top 5 protected in 2012 anyway so if they get no one in free agency the next 2 years they'll probably end up with the pick.
Even at their worst in the Isiah era they didn't lose a pick thats ended up being a franchise player I hear.
Maybe that changes this year but a pick 3 years down the line is totally different.
They have options under the cap to also trade for a big contract as well being able to absorb the cap hit if they don't land 2 big name free agents. Eddy Curry's expiring contract will be there at the trade deadline next year.

Jordan Hill i'm not that high on I see why the Rockets insisted on him in the deal especially after the Kings were bought in the deal. This talk about him being the 2nd most ready big man in the draft means nothing.
He'll be nothing more than a 6th man if Yao Ming is healthy and Scola is resigned.
Lets see what he does in the next 30 games as well should get some mins.

A lot of fans used his potential to hide the fact they blew a chance at several Pg's in the draft whether it be Brandon Jennings, Ty Lawson, Darren Collison or others.

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8th playoff spot not gonna happen

If the knicks keep loosing close games, you can pretty much kiss that 8th playoff spot goodbye. If you wanna make the playoffs you've gotta win the close ones. Good showing for T-mac though.

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The issue with guys coming

The issue with guys coming off injuries isn't what they can do when their bodies are fresh, it is when they are playing three games in five days or five games in eight days. It is nice that McGrady had a good game, but it was one game- a game the Knicks lost at home. Don't get too excited.

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I don't think the issue of McGrady's skill level was ever the primary concern. With his history, the much bigger issue is whether McGrady can play a full season without getting injured again.

When I watched him sitting on the bench last night, he was obviously exhausted which was understandable. But it also looked as if he was concerned about pain in his knees. Maybe I was reading something into nothing, but he didn't look as if he was sitting comfortably, he had to stretch out both legs.

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That is not surprising

That is not surprising considering playing an actual Nba game is not the same as practice or working out. It took Arenas sometime to get comfortable but when he did he played well until he got suspended. T Mac will ahve his ups and down but he still is a smart basketball player.

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i really wanted to comment

i really wanted to comment on TMac, I know he had a really good game but I wouldnt expect this type of play night in and night out. I think adrenaline carried him most of the night because this was his first game in a year and a half. Im not saying he cant be productive but i wouldnt expect 26 a night from him. I think realistically he can get 15 to 17 ppg. But it is nice to see him perform well.

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I think the whole team

I think the whole team played with an intensity that they have never shown before. I know before the trades they have played some of the best teams in the league to the wire, but they were playing tight defense with a purpose, just Kevin Durant is an absolute beast who can hit anything when he is on. I know this team is unlikely to make the playoffs, but I think everyone wants to prove they're good players T-Mac, Gallo, Chandler, Lee, Sergio, etc. They want to prove doubters that they can be successful NBA players. Personally, while I know free agency is a big deal, no one can make guarantees on any players coming to New York. Here are my reasons why Lebron and Wade won't come to New York.
1. It's been a losing franchise still rebuilding for another 2 years
2. Even with one or both of them they won't be Finals contenders for another couple of years
3. The whole big Market thing I think is overrated if Lebron or Wade were to go to the smallest NBA market he still would have his endorsements, so it's no big deal.
That being said I hope to see the Knicks get both, I just hope people realize that nothing is in stone or likely.

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"I may not be as good as I

"I may not be as good as I once was but, I'm as good once as I ever was..."

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