first player in acc history with 2,000points 700ast and 600reb..congrats

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That's a pretty amazing

That's a pretty amazing college career.

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Even though im not much of a

Even though im not much of a UMD fan anymore..i been tryna tell people vasquez was the real deal since his montrose days.....this kids confidence is off the charts and he has an underrated basketball iq....which is the main reason i think he can make it on the next level.

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Changed My Opinion on Vasquez

Until recently, because of his lack of quickness, I thought Vasquez was nothing more than a mid 2nd round selection. However, after watching him destroy North Carolina I changed my mind. Vasquez is one of those guys you simply cannot judge in traditional ways. Yes it's true that he doesn't have elite quickness for a PG, but then you watch him go around guys and you have to be impressed.

Vasquez also has a feel for the game that you can't teach. He seems to know where everyone on the court is at all times. In addition, he seems to rise to the occasion at big games.

In light of the above I changed my mind about Vasquez, I think he now merits a place at the end of the first round. I think he belongs somewhere between 25 and 30.

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i told people if they

i told people if they watched him play they would start to think different about him. yeah hes not the quickest guy on the floor but he has good handles and can get in the lane and finish and always out plays quicker nba caliber guards. last year against unc he drove past tylawson time and time again and not because he was quicker but because he uses hesitation moves and nice cross overs. and his passing ability is elite. look at the roster and tell me how he can rack up 7-10 ast on a consistant bases and thats not even including the easy shots his teammates miss. his potential isnt as high as some since he's a sr but i think he can become a good back up pg

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I have to give you credit for backing this guy all the time. I did not like him at first because of his attitude, but then I realized that's a big part of him that makes him the player he is. His college career will be discussed as the most underrated ACC college career ever, at least for a while. I don't know if he can start at the NBA level, but I definitely believe he can have a long NBA career.

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