Knicks vs OKC

Over Time with KD's 3 to tie it. Nice shot bad defense for the knicks who should have fouled them. But T-mac is playing great so is House and Rodriguez looks like he can lead this team pretty well. Lets see who will win in these last five minutes as T-mac instantly became a fan favorite.

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KD couldn't be stopped and

KD couldn't be stopped and Westbrook almost a triple double and OKC win 8 straight.

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westbrook just ambused the

westbrook just ambused the ny pg. tmac looked very good lee or course as well as eddie house and chandler. everyone else for the knicks were so so at best but they all played hard which is good unless they continue to just play hard and lose. kd is a animal. this was a good game from the knicks though against a western conference playoff team. we will see if this was just the emotions of being hyped from getting tmac in the next couple of games

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Glad to see T-Mac back on

Glad to see T-Mac back on the court. Looks like he still got it, will be fun to watch him in this up-tempo offense.

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Wow, an amazing game for me

Wow, an amazing game for me as an OKC fan.
Durant and Westbrook played really well. Collison and Green were really good in OT. Sefolosha looked awful on the offensive end.

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