Camby in Portland Long-Term?

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Camby in Portland Long-Term?

The Portland Trail Blazers had a huge hole in the middle with the season-ending injuries to Joel Przybilla and Greg Oden, so when they acquired Marcus Camby from the L.A. Clippers for reserve parts it was a great match. Camby is an ending contract so that lined up nicely with the fact Przybilla and Oden should be back healthy in the fall.

However, Camby is already talking about staying with the Portland Trail Blazers, according to Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune.

"Hopefully things work out for myself and for the team these last couple of months of the season," Camby says. "In talking with management and guys here, they don't consider me a rental player. Hopefully there will be a chance for me long-term. I would definitely like to be here."

You have to wonder if that's an idea that has really been though through. For Camby to stay in Portland – completely besides the issue of how much Portland would pay him – he would have to make adjustments to the role he is used to playing. Of the 808 games he has played as a pro, 658 of those have come as a starter – and most of the reserve games came in the first four years of his career.

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View Jason Fleming Archive He is also commonly considered a center, though depending on where you look he may alternately be listed as a power forward or the more vague "forward/center." If center is his expectation, he'd have to compete for minutes with Oden and Przybilla. If power forward is fine with him, he'd have to accept a bench role behind LaMarcus Aldridge, possibly sharing some minutes with Jeff Pendergraph.

It really boils down to what does Camby want from the rest of his career? If he's convinced he is still a NBA starter, Portland may not be a good long-term solution for him. If he's willing to take a reduced role – while still a very important one – in an effort to be part of a championship contender, then he might have found the right stop.

How Camby fits into the team and the city over the rest of the 2009-10 season will go a long ways towards helping him make his decision, but it sounds like he's already convinced.

"If everything comes together, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't re-sign here," says agent Rick Kaplan. "There was a lot of interest in other teams for the summer, but my hope is it clicks here.

"Marcus has never really tested the free-agent market. He signed an extension in New York and opted out but immediately signed a new deal with Denver. He's about loyalty to where he is."

If Camby and his agent still feel the same way in June, it will be very interesting to see what kind of role and contract the Blazers offer him for 2010-11 and beyond.

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not bad..with camby do they then trade priz this summer? and if so what should they look to get in return

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