Bobcats Defense

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Bobcats Defense

With this new trade the bobcats have become very scary defensively...They should be up in seeding and a scary first round match up.

Tyrus Thomas for acie law and flip murray wow!!!!

If chicago couldve somehow kept thomas and traded some other useless player than get alexander and warrick that wouldve been exciting front line along with noah and gibson but whatever...

Watch out for the bobcats, they should take a look at Ricky Davis or mccants as well as pulling Gerald green from russia. A high volume scorer with no defense

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All of the Bulls trades were kind of odd in that they were trading with the teams that they are fighting for playoff spots against. With that said they grabbed some guys that can fill in. Flip Murray will provide them with some offense and Warrick is a better scorer than Thomas. Thomas became expendable with the surprising play of Taj Gibson, besides not only were the Bulls not going to re-sign him they still ended up getting a first rounder for him. Worse case for the Bulls is that they don't make the playoffs and get a lottery pick to add more talent or they make the playoffs and get bounced in the first round as a 7th or 8th seed which was going to happen even if they kept the guys they had. They cleared room for a max guy and unlike some of the other teams that did the same (Knicks, Wizards) they are actually going to have legitimate talent to go with whoever they pick up.

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