prospect top 5's

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prospect top 5's

top 5 PG prospects:
1) John Wall-incredible prospect probably one of the only cant miss guys coming out
2) Willie Warren-stock has dropped but he could be a more effective version of randy foye
3) Armon Johnson-solid player but hasn't gotten a whole lot of national attention
4) Sherron Collins-i think he can provide an NBA team with ty lawson like production
5) Scottie Reynolds-incredible player may be small but is a real winner

note: i think avery bradley should/will return to school so thats why i didnt include him

top 5 SG prospects:
1) Evan Turner-electrifying do-it-all is my #2 overall prospect behind wall
2) Xavier Henry-has proven he can score and he has an NBA body at 18
3) James Anderson-underrated prospect can really light it up from all over the floor
4) Lance Stephenson-people forget he scored more points in NY high school history than anyone
5) Dominique Jones-reminds me of Jermaine Taylor from last year-small school superstar

top 5 SF prospects:
1) Wesley Johnson-long and agile, can stroke, and has a knack for scoring in the paint
2) Al-Farouq Aminu-ridiculous length and youth have made him a very intriguing prospect (a la luol deng maybe)
3) Damion James-incredible athlete has stuck around 4 years...his productivity and NBA ready body lead me to believe he will be an instant contributor
4) Da'Sean Butler-he and stanley robinson are close but i give the edge to butler because he can shoot
5) Stanley Robinson-freak athlete could polish up his outside shooting (solid frame though at 6'8" 220)

top 5 PF prospects:
1) Derrick Favors-i know he hasn't been nearly as productive as everyone thought he'd be but this guy is 18. 6'10'' 245 with ridiculous upside and is averaging a double-double in a tough conference as a Frosh
2) Donatas Motiejunas-could be dirk nowitzki or could be nikoloz tskitishvili
3) Greg Monroe-he impresses me everytime i watch him play, excellent passer, polished, can shoot
4) Patrick Patterson-i think with his skill set, could be on the same level of production as david west
5) Ed Davis-i think davis jumps, and with his length, could be a scary player in a few years

top 5 C prospects:
1) DeMarcus Cousins-huge body, tremendous upside, could be the next andrew bynum
2) Cole Aldrich-you know what your gonna get with aldrich, tough D, shot blocking, average scorer
3) Dexter Pittman-could still work on conditioning but his skills are undeniable
4) Solomon Alabi-not a huge fan but you cant teach height or shot blocking instincts
5) Art Parakhouski-really impressed with his ability to score, one of the top players in the nation

you guys agree?

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Ekpe Udoh is a better

Ekpe Udoh is a better prospect at Center than Dexter Pittman is.

Stanley Robinson is a better prospect than DeSean Butler at SF.

I'd take Sherron Collins over Armon Johnson at PG. Johnson seems like Marcus Banks 2.0 to me.

I'd take Greg Monroe over Motiejunas too, seems like a safer pick and a better overall prospect. Monroe has more strengths. Motiejunas has alot of offensive potential, but he's a soft rebounder and defender going by what I've seen from him the 2 times I've watched him play.

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I would prefer Monore over Favors. Monore has a high IQ for the game and his passing ability is of the charts for a guy his size. He's not you dominate player but will become a good side kick.

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Missing a few guys from the future?

Harrison Barnes is definitely a better prospect than Lance Stephenson.

Andre Drummond is a better prospect than Dexter Pittman, even at his age

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He's talking about players

He's talking about players that are likely to declare THIS season

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it's nice..just a few i

it's nice..just a few i disagree:
Monroe is #1 PF for me
and I would take Aminu over Johnson.
and..maybe it sounds crazy lol but i would think about taking Sidney there.. but 5 guys in the top are really good so it's OK there

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I can't imagine a better PF

I can't imagine a better PF than Monroe, the best post passer I've ever seen, his only real issue is that he is as the cliche says too unselfish, Favors is in what is usually a tough conference, but the ACC is the worst I've ever seen it, and while Favors is good he needs to stick around in college for at least another year to develop more.

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