what do you think about these struggling young guys

here are some young nba players that have looked like busts so far. I'm interested in hearing what you guys think about their nba future and what they need to do stay in the league and make an impact.

Adam Morrison
Joe Alexander
DJ Augustin
Brandan Wright
Julian Wright

all of these guys were lottery picks in recent years but have struggled.

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Morrison: could be a good spot up guy on an athletic team (most likely goes to Europe though)
Alexander: James White 2.0 (not much better)
DJ Augustin; Game reminds me of a righty mighty mouse. Just not having the freedom to make a few mistakes this year. Could see him be the sixth man on a bad team.
Wright: At this point in his career, with all the injuries, I don't think teams are willing to develop this guy long term into anything special. I'd say he's going to be a sixth man at best in the mold of an Amir Johnson.
Julian Wright: This guy still intrigues me. He's shown flashes of excellence, but as with most young guys, inconsistency plagues him. If he can improve his J a little more, there's always room in the NBA for a wing defender who isn't afraid to rebound.

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Adam Morrison--- He's shown

Adam Morrison--- He's shown that he can be a decent shooter, but he is a terrible defender (one of the worse I've ever seen in the NBA...EVER in my life) and he's not a threat to create his own shot. He's a end of the bench player at best. I had doubts about whether he'd be able to translate in the NBA, but I thought he'd be a rotation player at least. I was wrong.

Joe Alexander--- He's one of those "workout warriors" that look good in combines and athletic tests, but isn't quite a basketball player. He's got a decent shot, but he can't dribble well, isn't a good half-court player, and he's not a good defender other than the occasional block or passing lane steal. He's not an NBA player to me, he has to work on his handle, basketball IQ, defense, and consistency shooting jumpers.

DJ Augustin--- He can be a good backup PG if used right. He's quick, a decent playmaker, and a good shooter. He's just got to get stronger for finishing and defensive purposes. He'll also always be held back by his lack of athleticism somewhat when playing around the rim and making plays on D.

Brandan Wright--- I think he can be a solid backup at best. He's got plenty of athleticism and quickness, but he has only marginal skills as a player. He can score relatively well for someone with his lack of moves, but he's nothing more than a 9 ppg scorer unless he develops a Al Jefferson-esque post game. Highly unlikely.

Julian Wright--- I think he could have a Boris Diaw (Phoenix Suns version) type impact on a team that plays in transition and at times runs there offense through their SF/PF. He's got versatility and athleticism, and he plays good defense. He'll always be limited by his lack of a jump shot though as well, something he should try to improve.

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Out of those 5

Out of those 5 players...

Brandan Wright is going to be the best & I don't think it is even close.

Time will tell 

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Morrison-One of the things

Morrison-One of the things that got him into the nba and made him so great in college was his confidence. He was never a great one on one break you down type, but in college he would grit his teath and force his will on his opponent. Now in the nba, he lost that confidence. He picks up his dribble the second a defender gets up on him and he looks nervous and rushes his shots. I think he will get another chance somewhere next year, but i really don't think he is an nba player.

Alexander-You know somehting is wrong when the team that drafted him in the lottery doesn't even excercise their third year option on him. That means they have no faith in him as an nba player. I think he could play based on what i've seen of him, but right now, he will be probably accepting the league minimum next year just to get another chance.

Augustin-I think DJ will have a long career, but i don't see him ever being a starter. He has speed and can create off the dribble, but he is too small, doesn't finish well around the basket and his shooting is nothing special. Also, he has to work so hard off the dribble to get seperation from his man, that it hurts his ability to properly read the court and find the open man consistently.

BWright-If an athletic pf who can get out and run can't find minutes in nellies offense, that is not a good sign since that system should fit him perfectly. I have no idea if this guy will in the league in another few years.

JWright-I never really liked his potential. He is one of those jack of all trades but master of none types. There is nothing he really does great. For him to get minutes, he would need to have 4 other guys around him who can all play great offense since he is a bit of a liability. I can see some younger in coming players bumping him out of the league pretty soon.

Basically, Augustin is the only guy i feel confident will have a long career.

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I agree completely. I think

I agree completely. I think Augustin is the only guy with a truly promising NBA future.

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Morrison wasnt playin bad

Morrison wasnt playin bad is rookie year he averaged around 12- 14 points a game...shit guy cant seem to even shot an open shot...i really thought lakers were goin to get somethin in this guy...but knee injuries arent no joke

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Augastine probably will have

Augastine probably will have the best NBA career, he's not a starting PG but could be a decent backup.

All of the other guys are busts...end of story

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