Trade deadline grades

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Trade deadline grades

Starting Lineups for teams that were involved in trades recently. Plus the team's grade after trade was made.
Dallas Grade C
C Dirk
PF Marion
SF Butler
SG Terry
PG Kidd

Wiz. Grade C
C Ilgauskas
PF Blatche
SF Thornton
SG Howard
PG Foye

Cavs Grade A-
C Shaq
PF Jamison
SF Lebron
SG Parker
PG Mo Williams (once he comes back from injury)

Kings Grade C
C Thompson
PF Landry
SF Casspi
SG Evans
PG Udrih

Knicks Grade B- (should have got better down low, Still a huge hole at C)
C Lee
PF Harrington
SF Gallo
SG T-mac
PG Duhon

Rockets Grade A- (although I don't really like trading Landry, he was nice refresher off the bench for them)
C Anderson
PF Scola
SF Ariza
SG Martin
PG Brooks

Bucks Grade C (Should have filled hole at SF)
C Bogut
PF Warrick
SF Herrman
SG Redd
PG Jennings
Salmons comes off the bench as a Redd's replacement

Bulls Grade B- (should have filled hole at PF)
C Noah
PF Thomas
SF Deng
SG Heinrich
PG Rose
Elson and K. Thomas will come off the bench to replace Noah, and Thomas

Jazz (brewer got traded at the last second) Grade C (should not have done the trade, Brewer can play SF as a backup, therefore no logjam. But I love the picks from the Grizz, and the freedom this gives the Jazz to start Matthews, a better shooter then Brewer. Less defense, but not bad, a more traditional Jazz lineup. Note: Jazz receive 2011 first round pick from Grizz)
C Okur
PF Boozer
SF Kirilenko
SG Matthews
PG Williams
bench, Korver, Miles, Price, Fez, Millsap. (maybe the Jazz will add another player from the D-league, like Sundiata Gaines

Grizz. Grade A(great backup with Brewer)
C Gasol
PF Randolph
SF Gay
SG Mayo
PG Conley
Brewer comes in as a backup to Gay.

What do you think, did I miss any trades. Any disagreements with grades and/or lineups.

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clippers clearing up cap

clippers clearing up cap space for max contract...A

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why would you give dallas a

why would you give dallas a C.....

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Uh. That Wiz Crew looks

Uh. That Wiz Crew looks Weird! Haha. & Big Z won't be there...I don't think Dirk will start at C, but rather Haywood step in. Also, Does Chi-Town have another Thomas? Because Tyrus Thomas was traded...

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won't see the nba ever again after that injury, unless I am missing something. Did he magically heel and already returned to the starting lineup.

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Kings and Dallas

They deserve better grades. Kings got depth and scoring down low, lost Martin's contract. Dallas made themselves a dark horse championship contender by improving their struggling defense greatly. Butler will probably be an upgrade offensively over Howard who was struggling.

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every team made the trades

every team made the trades they did for a reason. Right now, i think all teams who were active did good. Some weren't interested in improving right now. Some wanted cap space. I think the rockets did a great job. They basically gave up on going after a big name free agent and instead took advantage of everyone else trying to save cap room by getting KMart, Hill and two first rounders from the knicks while only giving up Landry.

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Bulls got Joe Alexander and

Bulls got Joe Alexander and Warrick

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The creator of this topic

The creator of this topic obviously has zero clue about the impact made by each team at the deadline, and not b/c of the grades he gave rather the lack of reasons. The Knicks for one always had a huge hole at Center and weren't going to get anything to fill it, but they can sign 2 Max Free agents so I think the Knicks get at least a B+.

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you forgot illusova

you forgot illusova (spelling) for the Bucks.

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