Ed Davis

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Ed Davis

This agent thing is just gossip, and there has been cases like this in the past. Wether he stays or goes IMO has nothing to do with this,

My question is, do you guys think he stays or goes?

I personally have a hard time seeing him crack the lottery this year after solid but unspectacular numbers, a horrible record, and getting outplayed on national tv several times. Add that to the fact he will miss the NCAA tournament, and be 3 or 4 months behind everybody else by the time workouts start comming up, and I think it would be a mistake for him to leave right now. Look at Deandre Jordan or B.J Mullens. Bad finishes and workouts can drop you from lottery to late first round really fast.

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I think he enters the 2010
I think he enters the 2010 draft & he will be a lottery pick.
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Yeah, I think it all comes

Yeah, I think it all comes down to the individual workouts he does for teams. His team's record has nothing to do with his draft stock. He is a high risk high reward type of player.

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He'll get picked in the

He'll get picked in the lottery more than likely, but I would not be surprised if he made a Darrell Arthur type slide either.

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UNC would be stacked next

UNC would be stacked next year if he stays...I guess they'll be stacked either way though. I dont know why he would come out this year. This class is loaded with solid 4 men, and its not like Davis is miles ahead of all of them. He is still really raw offensively and hasnt had the year alot of poeple expected him to have, another year would do him wonders, work on his post moves, develop a face up game in the post, and eat something, if he did those things, Davis could be a 15-17 ppg 8-10 rpg guy next yr for UNC. And probably a top 5 pick.

Of course he probably wont do that because he's hyped up super high and just has to get to the NBA right now. Which is rediculous because he probably wont make much of an impact right away in the NBA...if he stays another year, he could become more NBA ready.

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I don't think Davis is star

I don't think Davis is star bound, but I also don't think he will fall out of the lottery. The interesting part of the injuries UNC has had is that John Henson is going to be able to showcase himself at the 4 down the stretch. He obviously isn't ready for the NBA, but he has flashed some potential in the past few games.

By the way, this little story is making the rounds
Did North Carolina's Ed Davis Sign with an Agent?

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