Draymond Green

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Draymond Green

I am a real fan of how this guy plays the game, he is a heady guy and makes great plays for his teammates. He is severly undersized it seems to play in the NBA but every year there seems to be a guy or two that suprise you even though they don't have all of the physical skills. A guy this year would be Blair, undersized but plays hard gets the job done. I could see if green keeps improving his outside range like he has this year filling a roster slot on a NBA team in a couple years. What are your guys thoughts on him? Love,hate?

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I like to think of him as a

I like to think of him as a poor mans version of Kevin Love. Both are big, sturdy bodies down low with decent perimeter skills and mid-range shots, good passing ability, and a good deal of moves down low. Green can't throw the outlets or really pass period quite as well as Kevin Love nor are is feet quite as quick but he's got some interesting tools for such a big man. He's not the usual "bull-in-the-china-shop" banger that most his size are, although he can overpower guys if he has to, so he's a good prospect to me. A very underrated player/prospect

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