Tyler Smith--Former UT Forward

Tyler Smith's career has been a long winding road. He started at Iowa, where he had an outstanding Freshman season, and then transferred to Tennessee. He had 2 stellar seasons at Tennessee, and was projected by many to be a lottery pick based mainly of his versatility. His senior season was not going quite as well before he was booted from the team, but he still would have been drafted in the late first, early second IMO. Do you think if Smith stays on top of his ish, works out hard, and has good predraft workouts, can he still be drafted?

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Who has had a longer career,

Who has had a longer career, Tyler or Tasmin Mitchell? That guy seems to have been around forever.

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to answer your question, i

to answer your question, i think smith has a chance to go late in the 2nd round. The reason for his stock dropping is half because of his off the court issues but the other half is tyler smith was not having a good season, he was playing completely mediocre basketball

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I don't think any team is

I don't think any team is going to give him the guaranteed deal that comes with being a 1st rounder, but I do think a team will take a chance on him in the mid/late 2nd round. He's never been that great a prospect to me because he literally has no position and he's not very efficient, but he's been productive and he has enough physical ability to be a draft pick.

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Tyler reminds of a smaller josh howard

He may have the chance to make a team but odds are the way the league is stacked he is better off going to europe where the money and the honeys are good!!!!!!!!Though they hate americans....Tyler bring a buddy with you so you can have fun overseas if you dont make the league

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