after trading kevin, what's next?

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after trading kevin, what's next?

so the kings traded kevin martin, armstrong, sergio, and kenny thomas(about time the kings let him go to find playing time....) to houston for mcgrady, landy and dorsey.

there is talk of the possibility of tmac ending up in new york, but i don't see that happening if the knicks try giving the kings any contracts that aren't expiring. Other rumors have said the kings will buy out mcgrady to open up salary. and just maybe..the kings may hold onto him...

but WOW! the salary space they'll have in the i know how hard it will be to try and sign a top free agent...but why not try to grab like 2-3 good players in free agency to set up around evans/beno/garcia/, casspi/greene/nocioni, jt/landry/brockman and hawes/dorsey? i think the kings will have roughly 20-30 million cap space next summer.

Should the kings trade mcgrady for other expiring pieces that may be valuable?...or buy him out? let's hear what ya have to say!

oh ya, they have a decent lottery selection to add on top of that salary!

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Keep T-Mac for the season

Keep T-Mac for the season and let his contractcome off the books. Then sign a couple of good free agents to aid the development of this good young core.
I am actually really liking the Kings future prospects.
Reke, Thompson, Greene, Dorsey, and Landry, as well as a decent lottery selection in all probability and a couple good free agents, this could be a real ballin team in a couple seasons.

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Everyone is talking about

Everyone is talking about mac going to the knicks but I don't really see what they have to offer. Jeffries is what they want to get rid of and I see no reason the Kings take him. Only thing Kings want is Lee, Robinson,Chandler, picks, and maybe Hill and you'd have to ask why the Knicks would do any combo of that...Isiah isn't running it anymore so it would have to make a little sense.
If they keep him it may bring some people to the arena, which they need. I loved Kmart but most people in Sac didn't for whatever reason. Mac could be, if he stays, the first superstar sac has seen since Webber and he's only 30. I know he's 40 in Tmac years, but maybe the rest he's had the last couple seasons will help long term...wishful thinking...
I don't see Evans and Mac making a great combo, more excited about Landry and the team option he comes with. If Beno goes back to playing the way he was before Martin came back I'm fine with him and Evans in the backcourt. Would love to see them get rid of Nocioni...
What I love about Petrie is this came out of nowhere...I think they were happy keeping Martin but to get the cap relief and Landry is win/win

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It would be a 3 team deal

The Knicks would end up getting Rodriguez and McGrady. McGradys agent is desperately trying to get him out of Sacramento and to New York. Obviously the Knicks would be giving up Jeffries,Hughes, Hill, and probly a couple draft picks, but only if they are top 10 protected.

Source: ESPN (Marc Stein)

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Looks like TMac gonna be

Looks like TMac gonna be disappointed again, I don't see Kings taking the Knicks weak offer.

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Possible Kings moves? Sign-

Possible Kings moves?

Sign- Joe Johnson and Earl Watson
Draft Demarcus Cousins

G- Tyreke Evans
G- Joe Johnson
F- Omri Casspi
F- Jason Thompson
C- Spencer Hawes

Carl Landry
Andres Nocioni
Earl Watson
Demarcus Cousins
Donte Greene
Francisco Garcia
John Brockman

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