WoW!! That Kevin Martin & Aaron Brooks backcourt will be entertaining!!!

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WoW!! That Kevin Martin & Aaron Brooks backcourt will be entertaining!!!

I still can't figure out why the Kings got rid of Martin so fast? Maybe if they'd waited until the draft that could've gotten so much more for him..Martin & Brooks are 2 of the most talented young guards in the league..Both are capable of scoring outbursts..Then both are known to go into dry spells..They'll have 30 points 1 nite & 10 points the next nite...They'll going to have their problems on the defensive end..But Martin & Brooks will be an exciting duo..They'll either going to give Coach Alderman joy or give him nightmares.. I was Kind of surprised the Rockets let Landry go..Some say his success was because he was playing in the Rockets system..It'll be interesting to see how well he does playing with the Kings..Dorsey gives the Kings a physical frontcourt player..Some say he's a young Ben Wallace..Others say he's a player that belongs overseas..He only needs the minutes to show what he can do or can not do..

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i just saw it

Kings trading Martin for McGrady
By Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Sports
2 hours, 7 minutes ago;_ylt=Anem6oKpPzqcOtmvlE3xOqW8vLYF?slug=...

Buzz up! 152 PrintThe Houston Rockets have reached an agreement in principle to acquire Kevin Martin(notes) from the Sacramento Kings, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The proposed deal has the Rockets sending Tracy McGrady(notes), Carl Landry(notes) and Joey Dorsey(notes) to the Kings for Martin, Sergio Rodriguez, Hilton Armstrong(notes) and Kenny Thomas(notes).

Two league sources tell Y! Sports the Kings are unsure whether they will keep McGrady or expand the trade to three teams and send him to the New York Knicks.

A league official involved in this deal rates the possibility of New York general manager Donnie Walsh cutting a deal for T-Mac as “possible.” “But I’m not sure it’s likely yet,” the official said.

To complete a trade, Walsh will have to sell the Kings on the package that couldn’t get his deal done with Houston. He offered Larry Hughes, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries and draft picks. Trading Hill and Jeffries for an expiring contract or contracts would allow the Knicks to clear enough salary-cap space to potentially sign two star free agents this summer.

Martin told Y! Sports’ Marc Spears he will miss Sacramento, but was appreciative for the chance to play for a potential playoff team.

“It goes both ways,” Martin said by phone shortly after the trade. “Sacramento gave me an opportunity. I was a late first-round pick. I could have been playing overseas. I assumed they still loved me. I was the ‘Golden Child’ – that’s what Corliss Williamson used to say. I guess that’s the sad part.

“But it was time. I used to be the young guy playing with old guys. Now I’m the old guy playing with young guys. Let the young guys develop. I appreciate them letting me go to a playoff caliber team at this time of my career.”

The Kings pulled Martin aside at halftime and told him he was being traded. Martin will be reunited with former Sacramento coach Rick Adelman.

“At halftime coach said the said there is a trade involving you,” Martin said. “You are the piece. My first question was, ‘Who is the team?’ ‘Houston.’ I was good with it. It’s time to move on.

“I’m definitely excited for a new opportunity with my old coach. That’s the funny part.”

If T-Mac stays with the Kings and ends up with a buyout, he hopes to join a playoff contender. A source close to him says he would like to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers or Cleveland Cavaliers.

While there’s no evidence the Lakers have interest, Cavs GM Danny Ferry had done a little research on T-Mac during his exile from the Rockets. Still, the Cavaliers traded for Antawn Jamison on Wednesday and it’s extremely unclear whether they would want to risk disrupting their chemistry to bring on another former All-Star – one who has spent the season recovering from microfracture knee surgery.

McGrady has played in only six games, appearing for fewer than eight minutes in each, before the Rockets gave him a leave in December to work out in Chicago.

The Knicks had been in serious negotiations for McGrady since All-Star weekend, but those talks stalled over Houston’s demands for draft picks and the protection for the picks. The Rockets, who also had been in negotiations with the Chicago Bulls, then engaged the Kings in a three-way dialogue.

The Bulls were trying to get McGrady and his $23 million expiring contract, but ended up making a smaller trade – sending John Salmons to the Milwaukee Bucks – that changed those conversations.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey has long been enamored with Martin, and kept pushing for a deal between the two teams. Morey knew Martin had become unhappy in Sacramento, sources said, and that the Kings shooting guard was struggling to adjust playing alongside rookie point guard Tyreke Evans. Martin didn’t feel like his talents were compatible with Evans, and struggled to defer to him.

The Mavericks also had serious interest in Martin, but abandoned those talks to complete a trade with the Washington Wizards for Caron Butler and Brendon Haywood on Saturday.

Morey didn’t have an easy time parting with Landry, a rugged, undersized forward who had come to personify the grit of these Rockets. Yet, the chance to secure a young, talented scorer for his offensively challenged roster was too much to pass up.

Martin’s addition comes with a price: He will make $46 million over the next three season. Martin, 27, also has missed at least 20 games in each of the past three seasons, including 32 this season because of a broken wrist.

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T-Mac with Lebron and the

T-Mac with Lebron and the Cavs would be sick.

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it's also possible to see tmac being traded from sacramento to new york..thing is...sacramento will not likely trade tmac if new york tries trading pieces that aren't expiring.

I think this was a very good move for the kings...landy is a beast...and getting tmac's expiring contract is going to do wonders.

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It would be awesome..

Im betting K-Marts frail body will continue to break every year. Drink more milk K-Mart.

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Wow..As a HUGE Rockets Fan,

Wow..As a HUGE Rockets Fan, I am saddened. Landry..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. D: :'( :(
But, K-Mart is the Best we've gotten so far, but Landry!?!??! D: C'Mon...Basically we just said, We're planning to Re-Sign Scola. Landry wasn't good because the System, the Kid can Play. but... Another Injury Prone SG scares me as a Fan...

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I think that the Rockets

I think that the Rockets giving up Landry is very big. He's much more valuable now as a player than T-Mac. I'd go so far as do say Landry was the true centerpiece of the deal.

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Great deal...

Great deal for the Kings. Kevin Martin is no longer a fit with the current Kings. Tyreke Evans is the player to build around and they got really solid young pieces in Donte Greene, Casspi, Jason Thompson, Hawes and now Landry. Landry would give them some toughness as both Thompson and Hawes are soft. They would need a PG would can shoot and play D to work with Evans (I am not convinced that Evans is a PG). This deal helps the Kings rid of Kevin Martin's contract (luckily, the Rockets did not take on more bad contracts).

As a Rockets fan, I don't really like this deal too much for the Rockets side. Surely, Kevin Martin is a good player, but he's more of a one-dimension player that can shoot, and he hasn't been healthy for an entire season. He's kinda like Ray Allen/Michael Redd type that would be great for 2nd / 3rd option on a contender. Unless Kevin Martin can stay healthy, I can hardly see this trade works out for the Rockets. Given the Rockets medical staffs track record, the chance is slim to none. I wish they can recruit the Suns medical staffs to save Yao and Martin. Even so, I am not sure how Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin can really work well together. Both Brooks and Martin love to shoot. I think Lowry would work better with Martin or Brooks better start learning how and when to pass the ball.

TMac still have some gas left. Something similar to Grant Hill at best and Penny Hardaway at worst. I think TMac would be decent in NY if he's going there mainly because he would be fighting for his last contract. Once TMac gets his contract though, I doubt he would be much of a player.

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